Crayon Pop and Kim Jang Hoon Team up for “Hero” MV to Support Firefighters and It’s Awesome


The ladies of Crayon Pop and Kim Jang Hoo teamed up to perform a music video designed to honor firefighters called “Hero”. It’s pretty baws.

The thing is about as basic as it gets which kind of fits in with Crayon Pop’s penchant for letting them be the most bizarre things in their music videos (granted, a white background doesn’t put up much of a fight for attention). Firefighter rain coats? Why not. Little fire alarms growing out of the top of their heads like some kind of smoke-detecting tumor? Hell yes.

The song is also surprisingly good for what usually amounts to a PSA throwaway effort. Anytime there are copious amounts of electric guitars and synths used unironically in pop, it usually amounts to a good time and “Hero” sounds like it should be the theme song for any Korean adaptation of Astro Boy, Mega Man or any kids cartoon that was made during the eighties and early ninties.

No, really.

Imagine this shit set to Captain Planet, Duck Tales or ThunderCats. It still works.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    There use to be this kids show back about 15 years ago called Rescue Heroes. That’s all I thought about.

    1. Yesssssssss. Yeah, it plays well with every sugar cereal advertising show from the eighties and nineties. My personal favorite to play this over is X-Men the Animated Series. Way more appropriate and amusing than it should be.

  2. The girls are so infectious, it’s hard to watch and not break out a smile 🙂
    I think it’s also no surprise this sounds like a Japanese Anime track since Crayon Pop also has a following in Japan, not to mention being co-signed by Sony Music.
    As always, Soyul is as cute as a baby panda, hiding the thug that she really is LOL

    1. Yewah, saw that. I haven’t picked a fave in Crayon Pop but a cursory glance has me between Soyul and Ellin. Ellin is gorgeous but there’s nothing like a woman who can kick all sorts of ass. We’ll see how it shakes out.

      1. Oh, Gummi’s real cute too (and has a wonderful personality) and was kicking ass and taking names at the very enjoyable Let’s Go Dream Team II Girl Group Mud Wrestling Championship.

        SPOILER ALERT: Gummi totally dominated that competition, but it was little Soyul (162cm) who sealed the win by being the David who took down Goliath Subin (175cm) from Dal Shabet against all odds. Subin called Soyul “a small pepper”. Ha ha.

  3. I always like Crayon Pop’s choreography. It makes you notice them.

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