SPICA Start Off the Lunar New Year Correct With Selcas


Yes, this is about as allkpoppy as it gets, but fuck it. It’s Friday and it’s SPICA so take the adorableness, sexiness and heavenly transcendence and be thankful that SPICA walks the same earth as us mere mortals. Bohyung is simultaneously powering all of the planet with her smile while Boa literally positions herself above human squalor. Meanwhile, Jiwon, Narae and Juhyun are busy practicing their superhero poses or whatever goddesses do when they’re bored owning at life.

The group even bequeathed humanity with a message to celebrate the Lunar New Year:

“Hope you spend a warm Lunar New Year holiday with your families, and Happy New Year 2014~! Please look forward to and show a lot of support for ‘You Don’t Love Me’,” and “Since it’s Lunar New Year’s Day, bonus shot!!! Have a happy holiday~~.”

At least the weekend is getting started off on the right foot.


Consider this your PSA that SPICA rules and deserves all your monies and eyeballs.

Trust me

Trust me

More SPICA (Boa) will always make eyeballs happy.

More SPICA (Boa) will always make eyeballs happy.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    That pixie cut is the cutest. I really need to know who’s who in the group, cause right now all I know are Boa and Bohyung. And Spica is worth it.

    1. Pixie cut is Juhyun. Girl on the far left is Jiwon. Girl in between Juhyun and Bohyung is Narae. They all rule because SPICA.

    2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

      Bohyoung is perfect in every way. That’s all there is to it.

      1. You misspelled Boa. No, wait it still works. Correction, all of SPICA is perfect.

  2. Spica Boa is a real cutie. How is that girl not more well known?
    BTW who is generally considered the “visual” of the group?

    1. I believe it’s Jiwon.

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