Waifu Wednesday: Seo Yuna

yuna cover

Seo Yuna (aka Yuna, aka Yunaria) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and keyboardist. She is best known for being a vocalist in AOA White and the hottest keyboardist alive in AOA Black.

Seo Yuna stands out in a lot of ways. First, she’s very, very pretty. She can sing and dance better than most keyboardists (honestly, is there any musical occupation more maligned than keyboardist in a band? It’s one step from a keytar) and the fact that she plays a musical instrument (on stage even!) sets her apart from a lot of K-Pop idols. Did I mention that she’s also unfairly pretty? Basically, if one has a thing for a girl who can play an instrument, one doesn’t have to look further than Seo Yuna.


Seo Yuna is so gifted by the gods that her eye contact is considered a divine favor.

Playing the keys of my heart.

Playing the keys of my heart.

Yuna is so pretty that she is a danger to anyone with a heart condition.

Rock star status.

Rock star status.

Yuna’s hotness makes the sun blush.

The unwitting serial killer of man.

The unwitting serial killer of man.

Yuna is so agreeable to the eyes that pythons and mongooses roll over for her.

More stunning than a taser.

More stunning than a taser.

Yuna’s beauty is so self-evident that the Mirror on the Wall doesn’t even bother anymore.

Framing perfection.

Framing perfection.

Yuna causes more nosebleeds than a boxing match with a bear.




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  1. The only one I care about from AOA is Seolhyun. Sorry.

    1. She’s all yours. I’ll take Yuna.

  2. You never disappoint! Another fine out of the blue Waifu Wednesday from AOA that helps alleviate the sad news of Sem and Eunji leaving 9Muses, *sobs*

    Choa and Yuna are the reason why I follow this group and why this group is so underrated. They’re so talented and pretty, it’s ridiculous xD

    1. Me and you are of the same mind. Choa and Yuna for lyfe.

  3. Oh, I love AOA (did my handle give it away?). They are all very attractive ladies, even the drummer Youkyung, who’s cute as a button. Seolhyun and Hyejeong are the main visuals but there’s so much eye candy in the group my eyes get diabetes.
    Choa are Yuna are undoubtedly 2 of the most talented members and I also have an inexplicable crush on Jimin who plays the guitar (for reals). It’s amazing the range of talent FNC put together under AOA. But as good as Yuna, I feel she sounds best when singing with Choa. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdDo4ArFEks

  4. Oh what the heck, Choa will make anyone sound great. Here’s Choa owning ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical with Jeijin from FTISLAND.

    As far as I’m concern, Choa and Yuna can sing all the future AOA tracks.
    Fun fact: The CEO of Chrome Entertainment (Crayon Pop) is a big classical music and AOA Yuna fan.

  5. Some videos of AOA live performances šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen the first video but not the other 2 shot at SundownFest. It’s rare to find live performance videos of AOA Black, it’s like FNC is almost hesitant to showcase them as a band for fear that they are either not good enough, or that it dilutes the 7-hot-girls-on-stage message.
      Oh my goodness, Youkyung (drummer) is so pretty at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3hQt0mIb0Y&t=3m30s

      1. I think it’s because girls dancing on stage probably sells more singles and gets more visibility than girls holding instruments which sucks because AOA Black is so much more interesting for the fact that they play instruments.

      2. Indeed.. Live band performances are hard to come by, and we’ll have to rely on fancams like these. AOA Black is what attracts me to them the most though. AOA White has less of an identity in this oversaturated k-pop girl group world, a lot of them with sexy comebacks this time around. Hope that they can get the popularity that they wanted and do a band / hybrid comeback next!

    2. Thanks for these, they’re great. Yuna and Choa forever.

  6. black soshi · · Reply

    I must research this whole AOA thing. I’m just glad that they aren’t superb musicians or I would probably be dead now. Gorgeous, vocally gifted kpop girls with instruments? I’m in all the way! Thanks for the videos “Lead”.

    1. Research AOA, it’s worth it. While they probably aren’t superb musicians, there is something about a girl who can play an instrument.

    2. Another video of AOA (Black) playing live. Enjoy.

  7. AOA just appeared on Weekly Idol and there was a hilarious bit when host Doni asked why they sounded so bad when singing a capella. Doni then proceeded to weed out the ‘rappers’ from the real singers. What’s funny is that all 3 that were called out have official titles as AOA ‘rappers’ šŸ™‚ No surprises that Yuna and Choa were spared but here’s the jump to the hilarious segment.

    1. Sorry, the time didn’t get posted correctly, go to the 4m mark of the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTahlDo2rk8&t=4m01s

    2. Bahahaha, rappers being called out: the best. Yura and Choa supremacy.

  8. Yuna’s voice gives me diabetes let alone everything else about her

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