SPICA’s “You Don’t Love Me” Predictably Shits All Over Your Faves


Also predicatbly, my favorite thing of the year. Go get the review at Asian Junkie, OVER HERE.

Narae is ridiculous, Boa does things to my brain that should be illegal and Jiwon is smartly placed all over this thing.

Very smartly deployed.

Very smartly deployed.




  1. Ok, I’m not a SPICA fan but sincerely wish the very best for these girls as they can most definitely sing (just learned that Boa used to the vocal trainer for Kara, Rainbow & Infinite).
    The problem is that I don’t think vocals matter that much to your average auto-tuned conditioned K-Pop fan, or at least not something that can’t be easily replaced by the slicking marketing of slim pretty young things executing tight choreography to a fast catchy beat.
    Also, I’m not sure getting Lee Hyori involved was necessarily the best thing since nothing emphasis that you’re aged group more than an even more well-aged songstress at the helm. Even if they decide to never change their style or approach, I think SPICA will continue to do well with the more musically matured audience, who unfortunately will to be in the minority.

    1. Yup, you’ve nailed why, no matter how many screams of injustice you’ll hear around these parts, SPICA probably won’t hit it big. What they do best (sing), the K-Pop market simply doesn’t view as essential to success. I hope they don’t change their approach because what they’re doing now works extremely well for them but I’m not expecting them to unleash a number one hit either (“You Don’t Love Me” should be one in a just world *folds arms).

  2. They sound good but song and MV didn’t appeal to me.

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