SPICA is Making a Comeback with “You Don’t Love Me”, Will Presumably Shit All Over Your Faves


What, I’m not biased, I swear.

SPICA is getting ready to make a comeback and that means that the K-Pop world is about get a fuckton of singing talent dropped on it. Lee Hyori is apparently doing everything but singing on this and SPICA will probably have strings attached to their various body parts that Hyori will operate from above the stage. It will be glorious:

SPICA have just upped the excitement level for their comeback with their retro concept with new MV teaser for “You Don’t Love Me“!

The girls continue that pin-up style look we’ve been seeing in their teaser images, but they drop the printed knee-length dresses for a variety of outfits, one of which includes padding built in to create an exaggerated booty!

Their agency B2M Entertainment previously mentioned that labelmate and sunbae Lee Hyori is trying her hand as a producer, lyric writer, and composer for the group’s new song, so it seems this is that track! This will be the first time that Hyori will take part in the whole process to create a completely new song for the girls.

It looks like it will be another sexy release but this one has some tongue-and-cheek humor to go with it as SPICA adorns butt pads that would make Kim Kardashian proud (and the wardrobe and style choices sort of fit thematically with the song). Anything that is a little fun, a  bunch of sexy and a whole lot of Narae and Boa is already the best thing of 2014.

Jiwon ain't bad either.

Jiwon ain’t bad either.



  1. I don’t really follow them but did like Tonight. I also liked Bo Hyung’s single Crazy Girl and Boa’s ballad Tears Fallin’ for That Winter, The Wind Blows. I’m glad to see Hyori take them under her wing and serve as a mentor of sorts. Maybe it doesn’t work but they have nothing to lose either way.

    1. Yup, whatever keeps SPICA alive and relatively well, I’m all for. Their discography is pretty great and I highly encourage checking them out/

  2. saranghewho · · Reply

    I’m very excited for this comeback from SPICA. I fell in love with their voices and then hearing that Lee Hyori basically made the entire song for them, perfect!
    I can’t wait.
    Great post!

    1. I was skeptical about Hyori making SPICA her vanity project but “Tonight” was pretty good and this looks promising.

  3. Lyrical Genius Hyori tries to make them poop.

  4. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    This teaser was very bohyung friendly and that makes me a very happy Rebecca.

    Also, I wonder if there’s going to be some feminist talking points in this video, what with the giant inflatable butts. If this indeed is all Hyori’s work, that might be a thing, and there will be a new best thing ever.

  5. SPICA’s comeback is going to be killer, I always enjoy every single track they release! They’re vocals are amazing and they know how to show a sexy, classy look.

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