Ga-In’s Teaser for “Fxxk U” Certainly is a Thing

gain truth or dare

So, with all these safe but sexy concepts proliferating around the K-Pop landscape like bunnies in heat leave it to Ga-In to up the ante.

Judging by the fact that her next single will be called “Fxxk U”, the Brown Eyed Girls’ vocalist is just getting right to the point.

[Ga-In’s] song “Fxxk U” is a simple but melodious song with a classic guitar. Bumkey featured in the song, and it’s an R&B song that talks about the ironic feeling of getting more anxious as your love deepens.

The 19+ MV will be released on the 28th midnight KST, so make sure to stay tuned to see who her mystery man could be!

The thing is… it comes off much more as terrifying rather than sexy.

The shower curtain brings “Psycho” to mind and the movements of Ga-In and whatever Area 51 escapee behind the curtain are so bizarre that they immediately bring to mind some sort of K-Horror teaser for a Slender Man movie adaptation.


Yup, I see no difference.

Adding the abrupt “fuck you” at end of it is almost comical and a welcomed break from whatever interpretive dance/satanic ritual was being performed behind the curtain (no one actually has sex like that right?) that led up to it.

Of course, it’s Ga-In and her singles are always really good (teasers are also immensely annoying in that the final product never seems to match up with expectations set by them) so this will probably be fine. Probably.



  1. Oh, Ga-in. Her FU is like a middle finger to all the girl groups who are riding the sexy train. It’s like “have you even seen me on Abracadabra, bitches!? I was thrusting my ass into the air and being groped on stage a decade before most of you lot even debuted”.

    1. She most certainly has. Everyone’s trying to be cute and sexy so Ga-In will go the opposite way and give everyone the most horrifying boners imaginable instead.

    2. I don’t know if you’re being serious or not but I don’t see it that way. There were female artists doing sexy concepts before any of the current girl groups debuted. If someone like Uhm Jung Hwa released a song with a similar title then yeah that would be something to take more seriously.

      To be perfectly honest, I don’t get the international love for BEG and Gain. International fans prop them up to be this great act that others want to follow but they aren’t hugely popular in Korea. So what huge impact have they made that others want to copy?

      1. Half joking, half serious (BEG has been around for a while but less than a decade, and Abracadabra is only about 5yrs ago).
        The fun thing about K-Pop (or Pop music in general) is that female artists/groups constantly push the sexy envelope. Abracadabra had more than it’s fair share (the MV depicting murder, those dance moves, near lebsian kiss… etc). I’m not a BEG/Ga-in fan but you can count on them/her to do sexy with style & attitude, not just cute & sexy). Also, Abracadabra is one of my all time favourite K-Pop song/video and was what got me started on this genre.
        I’m also looking forward to Ga-in’s next MV, featuring her riding nude on a wrecking ball…

  2. I’m…not sure I’m going to like this. Too much of a human centipede vibe to be sexy. Unless that’s what she’s going for.

    I’m honestly scared that this is going to be the first time a BEG member has disappointed me.

    1. The Human Centipede… how did I miss that visual comparison damnit.

  3. Right?

    Nope nope nope.

    1. Yup, that’ll do it.

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