Waifu Wednesday: Park Eunji


Park Eunji is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and dancer. She is best known for being one head of the nine-headed mythical beast that is Nine Muses where Eunji is officially labelled as a main dancer and lead rapper.

Nine Muses employs two rappers, presumably as a thin excuse to insert a couple rap breaks into each song when needed and because “Nine Muses” has a nicer ring to it than “Eight Muses”. Whatever the case may be, and lord knows that K-Pop groups need two rappers like people need two assholes, thank goodness that Nine Muses decided to go for dual rappers because anything that allows Eunji to get some more spotlight is worth it. She is tall, even by Muses standards and she is pretty, even by Muses standards. More than one rapper in a group may be overkill but when that extra rapper is Eunji, slay away.


Eunji is so radiant that creatures at the bottom of the ocean see her glow.

Casting judgment on her subjects.

Casting judgment on her subjects.

Eunji is so hot that there is no scale of heat that is able to adequately measure it.

Getting me high.

Getting me high.

The skills of Eunji are deadlier than an atomic bomb.

Dat wink tho.

Dat wink tho.

Eunji’s beauty is more legendary than Merlin’s beard or Moses’ burning bush.

Damn button.

Damn button.

Eunji is so cute that teddy bears snuggle with for comfort.

Also, knows how to frame a selca.

Also, knows how to frame a selca.

Eunji is so sexy that her stomach make lava evaporate.

GG nubs.

GG nubs.


fangirling pikachu



  1. Smart choice! When I read Eunji I was expecting inferior A-pink Eunji

    1. Haha, that’s a good point. Inserted last name in the title so that people won’t get confused.

  2. She has decent face, but her stage presence is getting me the most. And her boobs is more prettier than Himalaya Mountain, btw.

  3. Buck nasty · · Reply

    At this point for me, it’s Girls Day and Nine Muses, heads (and tails) above the rest. I have seriously only really discovered the muses in the last month. I mean I knew about them before, but initially passed them off as a cheap rip off of GG. I apologize profusely to the NM for this oversight, they absolutely take the cake. I put them on the same level as Girls Day for extreme hotness across the board (this is far more impressive due to the fact that there is 9 of them). My favourite Kpop song (and video) to date has got to be gun. My biases are Hyemi, Sera, and . . . Never mind, all of them!

  4. Flawless choice; Eunji is perfection
    She needs more spotlight for her dancing though (tbh one of the few flaws of 9M is the lack of showcasing the dancers)

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