Rainbow BLAXX’s “Cha Cha” Delivers a Heaping Ton of Sweet Sugar, a Little Spice and a Whole Lot of Nice (Shots of Jaekyung)

rainbow blaxx cover 2

Review be HERE at Asian Junkie.

Video is more interesting (probably despite itself) than I thought it would be given DSP’s general lack of cares when it comes to Rainbow. There’s some great textual digs at the K-Pop industry in the role of the mistress AND there’s still this:

This, forever please.

This, for eternity please.

Jaekyung now, Jaekyung forever.



  1. My expectations for this were low but I actually liked it. The song while nothing special is something you can bump for a day or two. The MV has all your bases covered with Hyun Young’s boobs, Jae Kyung’s butt, plenty of legs and food porn.

    Is DSP trying to start a Seungah x Woori ship? They were the only two paired together in a non-group shot.

    1. Yeah, I was a fan of the song but truthfully, it doesn’t take too much to please me. If I dislike something, there’s something really wrong haha.

      I am also fully behind the idea of a Seungah and Woori shipping. They looked great together.

  2. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I’m not surprised that DSP is placing more attention on Rainbow, since Nicole took her butt and most of Kara’s cash making abilities with her when she walked. They’re going to pump effort into Rainbow to build them while they try to re purpose or reinvent the remaining Kara. Then if Kara completely tanks, they have a solid girl group to fall back on. I’m betting that Rainbow itself is going to get more sexy concepts down the road to tide DSP over.

    1. Yup, this seems like the sort of thing that was planned when DSP realized that KARA was dead. Rainbow is the next closest thing they have to a legitimate group so they’ll trend hop as furiously as possible and hope that they hit something good with Rainbow (choosing a good lead single would be a start. “Cha Cha” is decent but it’s been awhile since Rainbow had a hit).

  3. The song is forgettable for me, but the MV was interesting. As with a lot of DSP’s videos, the cut quick and edits make me a little dizzy (except for that one really long tongue shot). Besides the copious amount of skin, I enjoyed the industry jabs of the old lady measuring their bodies and feeding the group sweets so that they can produce riches for her/the label. I also got a little too excited when a saw a midget in red and was expecting him to start dancing a la Twin Peaks šŸ™‚

    Not sure how I feel about Rainbow BLAXX as a whole. This very fast song is a stark contrast to their teaser videos (I was expecting something more like Sistar’s ‘Alone’), but there’s no denying that the ladies are sexy as hell. I guess DSP is carving out their own slice of the big sexy K-Pop pie.

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