AOA’s “Miniskirt” is a Textbook Ode to K-Pop “TEH SEXY”


So, yeah. AOA made a thing called “Miniskirt”.  The review is over HERE at Asian Junkie.

Seolhyun may get most of the e-love but let it be known that Yuna is the Truth.







  1. The butt pads kinda ruin the MV for me. I did like the dance practice videos. Shame that Seolhyun is injured and won’t be performing Minkiskirt with AOA.

    1. I don’t mind the butt pad thing because it’s not obnoxious. LIE TO ME.

      1. LOL That was one lucky cat at the end of the video.

      2. UGH. That wasn’t all I meant to post. I typed “LOL If you enjoyed the MV that’s all that matters” and then the part about the lucky cat. Not sure what happened.

    2. I honestly can’t tell who’s wearing a butt pad and who isn’t. And I stare at, I mean study, both the MV and Dance Practice videos very hard.

      ‘Miniskirt’ is getting all the attention now but ‘Under the Street Light’ is also another (Brave Brothers) slow and groovy track which showcases the vocals of some of their members. Even ‘Gonna Get Your Heart’ is also very well-done, although it’s only 1min long.

  2. Just read your Asian Junkie review. Excellent as always, Slug. Also, I’m impressed. You went from “Despite not really knowing anyone in AOA.. ” in an earlier post comment to “Yuna and Choa, holy lawd”. Yep, those 2 are indeed the main talents in AOA. Jimin is great too in that she plays the guitar for real and has good stage presence, but as you’ve noted, her rap is a hit-or-miss, depending on the song.
    Here’s my 3 favourite AOA ladies doing what they do best, without any dancing or butt shaking.

  3. I’ve watched the performances even though I said I wouldn’t because Seolhyun is injured. The Inkigayo performance I think has been their best one so far. I liked the white outfits and they seemed to have adjusted now, after a couple of performances, to there being just 6 of them.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, the acoustic (no-butt-shaking) version of ‘Miniskirt’ featuring Choa, Yuna & Jimin. So good.

    1. Well, it has my two faves in the group and it sounds decent enough. Sold!

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