Rainbow BLAXX’s Teasing is Getting Unfair at this Point

Woori makes the hype train run.

Woori makes the hype train run.

Holy hell is DSP Media milking this Rainbow BLAXX thing for all it’s worth and with what they’ve shown so far, this could be DSP’s most competent media play in years when it comes to Rainbow.  No one knows what this release is called yet and no one knows what it’s going to sound like and yet… NONE OF IT MATTERS  BECAUSE GOOD GOD JAEKYUNG.

First, there’s this “style film” which is pretty great as long as you mute the music, which sounds like the type of background noise that would be playing during a midnight showing on Cinemax in the nineties.

There is no HNNNNGGGGG large enough in the world.

Then there’s the fact that the group also released more teaser photos in case it was not entirely clear to people what this whole project was going to be about yet.







dayum dayum dayum

You know what? As long as this continues to get teased like this, perhaps it would be OK if Rainbow BLAXX released nothing at all and instead just farted out these concept photos and style videos every couple of days from now unto perpetuity. Lord knows that Rainbow and DSP could use the publicity.



  1. ndjiajun · · Reply


  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    This is why I keep coming here. Your perspective on this wackiness always gets a laugh from me.

  3. OK, it’s getting a tad silly. 2m19s is not a teaser, it’s half a MV!

    Also, since when there’s both a Dance version and a Drama version of a teaser?

    Bring it on!!

    1. Despite not really knowing anyone in AOA, I am very much looking forward to this.

      1. Oh, you really should get to know them. Hyejeong, Soelhyun, Mina & Chanmi are all Waifu-worthy; Choa and Yuna are ridiculously talented with looks to match; and I crush over their short-haired leader Jimin so hard it’s inexplicable. Bring it!

      2. BLAXX can pack up and go home now. The full AOA MV is out and I’m dumbstruck. AOA’s ‘Confused’ was an aperitif compared to this ‘Miniskirt’ entree, which takes sexy to a whole new level.

        Unzipping, disrobing, whip-cream licking, cloth ripping, wet t-shirt showering, bath tube soaking … it’s not a MV, it’s a freaking gravure video set to a wicked beat and the most hypnotic group butt grinding I’ve laid my eyes on. Take me now!

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