BESTie Members Get the Heart Racing for “Men’s Health”


Dahye gets all the blood pumping.

I don’t know what a BESTie is, but now it may be time to learn.

Or maybe hot women doing hot things in hot outfits is all that needs to be learned here.

BESTie members Uji, Hyeyeon, Haeryung and Dahye recently shot a sexy pictorial for “Men’s Health” magazine.

The girls transformed into sexy fitness trainers and used dumbbells, resistance bands and jumprope as props for their shoot. With an extra emphasis on sexy, the girls were outfitted in cinched, paneled, bandage and cutout dresses that hugged their curves.

The sexy photos were released on January 10 and present a different image of the group apart from their cute image on stage that they are widely recognized for.The photos will be published in the January issue of “Men’s Health” magazine.

Oh, “cute image on stage that they are widely recognized for”? Hmmm, BESTie make want to reassess that if this spread is any indication. Dahye for fitness president.

Of course, the appeal could be the subtle bondage theme.

Of course, the appeal could be the subtle bondage theme.

Ok, maybe not so subtle.

Ok, maybe not so subtle.

Beat me up gurl.

Beat me up gurl.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    Red dress is superior. Jump rope? Yes ma’am.

  2. I love Bestie!
    Best thing is they post tons of selcas to twitter! Especially Hyeyeon (red dress)
    I know Hyeyeon has an instagram too, but I dunno about the others

    1. So, gonna have to add some people to twitter then and get some new faces in Selca Sunday I suppose haha.

  3. This group is already one of my favorites. They remind me a lot of Sistar.

    Oh – and Urban Dictionary defines “bestie” as a slang word (popular in the UK) for a “best friend”.

    They don’t provide a definition of what a “Sistar” is, though.

    1. A Sistar is an unfairly hot ball of sex. If BESTie is reminiscent of Sistar then that’s all good as far as I’m concerned.

  4. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    In addition to being absolutely gorgeous, Haeryung also has the most adorable expressions ever

  5. Paige-Nevaeh · · Reply

    Who are these vixens and what have I been missing out on?

    1. I have no idea but now I must inevitably find out.

    2. I almost wrote off BESTie due to their ridiculous PItapat butt-thrusting MV but their songs are catchy and Love Options is still on my playlist.

  6. Finally, you’ve discovered BESTie. good thing. Uji, Haeryung and Dahye is the hottest thing ever in 2013 rookie.

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