Rainbow BLAXX has a Release Date and MOAR Teaser Stills


I swear if this is all false advertising and Rainbow BLAXX rips off the lingerie to reveal some Rainbow Pixie drivel, I may go insane and just punch myself in the groin.



At least there’s a release date now, so there can now be a date for the inevitable disappointment/multiple climaxes that Rainbow BLAXX will cause:

Rainbow BLAXX posted more teaser pictures onto Facebook featuring still-cuts of the members’ faces from the ‘Whole Body Scanning’ videos.

They promised that the full version of the “style film” will be released on January 13 so it looks like you will be able to see more sexy shots of these four members in a couple of days!

Bring it on. I embrace the eventual crushing of my dreams and fantasies.



  1. So I just got to reading this post and saw that gif. Look, I love aegyo and Sunny and Orange Caramel as much as the next kpop fan but what the hell is this Rainbow Pixie? Burn it with fire. It distresses me so much I can’t even check to perv on Jaekyung.

    1. Rainbow BLAXX can help you wash your eyes of the abomination that is Rainbow Pixie. I am sorry for that gif and next time I’ll have a trigger warning in place.

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