With SeungA and Woori, Rainbow BLAXX Roster is Set and I is Excite


Over the last two days, Rainbow unveiled the last two members of the group’s new sexy sub-unit Rainbow BLAXX. For those hoping for a Noeul curveball, you’ll have to wait for another time because Rainbow ended up going for SeungA and Woori instead.

Here’s SeungA’s teaser:

And here’s Woori’s:

The three “automatics” had to be Jaekyung, Hyunyoung and Woori. SeungA’s inclusion is probably based off the fact that she seems to end up with more lines than her other group mates and who knows, there could be singing or something in Rainbow BLAXX, though that certainly doesn’t seem to be the point of this concept at all. Now to wait for inevitable crushing disappointment when Rainbow BLAXX ends up being nothing close to this:

Bring on BLAXX.

Bring on BLAXX.

Mah body is ready.

Mah body is ready.



Teasing so good.

Teasing so good.

Rainbow BLAXX: the Teaser Photo.

Rainbow BLAXX: the Teaser Photo.

BLAXX is the light in the darkness.

Jaekyung is the light in the darkness.

This thing needs to happen already so I can resume my life.



  1. I like Seungah so I’m glad she was added. The 4 members of Rainbow I care about are part of this subunit so I’ll definitely looking forward to this.

    1. I had a good idea that Jaekyung, Woori and Hyunyoung would be three but I thought the last slot would be a toss up between Seungah and Jisook. As long as the first three are in, it’s all gravy.

  2. Argh, short-haired Woori again. What’s wrong with long-haired A-Jax Snake Woori?

    I don’t get K Pop girl groups sometimes. It’s like some unwritten rule that one of the girls must always be short-haired and the designated androgynous member.

    Oh well, at least she made it.

    1. Long-haired Woori is the superior Woori. However, like you say, at least she’s in it.

  3. Paige-Nevaeh · · Reply

    Finally. something to follow up the masterpieces that were A and Mach,
    I would’ve preferred Jisook over Seungah but…never mind.

    1. Unfortunately, Rainbow already wasted Jisook on freaking Rainbow Pixie.

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