Dal Shabet’s “B.B.B” is the Eighties Jam You Never Asked For But Don’t Mind Having


Like oversized shoulder pads? Wish that Night Rider was still on the air and that Michael Jackson was still somewhat black? Then have I got a song for you. Go get dat review HERE at Asian Junkie.

After all, more Woohee is always welcomed.

Video is like this, BUT MOVING.

Video is like this, BUT MOVING.



  1. I think this is the first song of Dalshabet I like. I’ve listened to a few of their songs but they’re not a group I follow closely. Woohee is the only member I care about. I didn’t even know until someone mentioned it at AJ that she’s not an original member of the group.

    1. Yeah. Dal Shabet has never really grabbed me and I’ve tried at various points before. I just don’t think they have a look or “brand” which really stands out.

      1. Have you seen their B.B.B performances yet? I like the MNET performance the most. You get to see Woohee quite a bit in that one. They wore leather for KBS Though. Woohee in leather just isn’t fair.

      2. I haven’t but let’s check the ol’ youtube for… ohhh… OOOOHHHHHH. Yeah, not fair.

  2. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    All I thought when seeing the video was that they must have thought, “Hey, now that Kara has exploded, there’s a hole to fill. Let’s try to be them, only times it by 1000.”

    Look at the video with Kara in mind, and you might see what I see.

    1. I can hear it. There’s this synth-y eighties dance vibe that sort of fits with where Kara’s been going the past couple of years.

  3. Never followed Dal Shabet before, but holy shit Woohee. Why oh why is this the first time I’m hearing of her?

    1. I agree with slug. Dalshabet as a group doesn’t really stand out. That’s why I think Woohee goes unnoticed. The only reason I found out about Woohee is because she is friends with Minah from Girl’s Day. She appeared in some Minah fancams and I was all “Whoa! Who is that?”.

      1. I looked at a couple more pictures and did some research and I have to agree that although Woohee is a true beauty, the rest of the group don’t stand out at all. Maybe Serri, but I find there’s something wrong with her face…

        Also Woohee is best friends with Nine Muses Kyungri and Hello Venus Lime during their pre-debut years! That’s like two of my top biases in their respective groups! And now Woohee is slowly climbing to the top in my bias list. Man, best friendship ever.

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