Waifu Wednesday – Woori

woori rainbow cover

Go Woori is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the main rapper and lead dancer in borderline-relevant K-Pop group Rainbow.

Woori is a perfect avatar for Rainbow itself. She’s extremely pretty and pretty competent but often gets overlooked for flashier and louder acts. She doesn’t have many signature moments as Rainbow more or less blends together musically. Visually, she’s adorable but Woori shares the stage with K-Pop sexy juggernauts Jaekyung and Hyunyoung. However, when combining Woori’s visual impact with her status as Rainbow’s rapper-in-chief, you end up with one of the more enjoyable idols in the K-Pop entertainment world. Also, her turn on Invincible Youth 2 was too short as no one in Rainbow is allowed to be very popular and we are not allowed to have nice things. Hopefully, that changes soon because more Woori is never a bad thing.


Woori is so pretty that painters of all stripes cannot adequately capture her beauty.

Ahoy matey.

Ahoy matey.

Woori is so sexy that her stomach causes deafening avalanches from the amount of HNNNGGGG unleashed.

Shackling my heart.

Shackling my heart.

Woori’s eyes are portals into the soul of all that is good in humanity.

Note to self: Add Woori to Selca Sunday.

Note to self: Add Woori to Selca Sunday.

Woori’s stage presence burns brighter than Heaven’s light.

Wanna attend that disco party.

Dat dress tho

Woori is so perfect that she walks on air and farts out hope.

Also frames herself nicely.

Also frames herself nicely.

Woori cuteness could melt diamond.

There is no D'AWWWW big enough in the world.

There is no D’AWWWW big enough in the world.





  1. Though she seems to spot a short crop most of the time, Woori’s quite gorgeous with long hair (I died when she tugged her pony tail in ‘A’). On K Pop’s cute-sexy continuum, she definitely trends more towards cute, although I hope DSP proves me wrong by revealing her as the last member of BLAXX. So not a fan of Seung Ah.

    She looks like Bora in the first photo, although the following shows it takes much more than looks to radiate sensuality. Poor Woori, her expression unfortunately caught by the cameras was priceless.

  2. I hope she is the 4th member of Blaxx.

      1. Confirmed as Woori. Guess yoonhye and Noeul continue to be ignored.

      2. I was a little surprised by the Seungah pick but she does seem to get more lines than most in Rainbow. Noeul will sadly continue to be ignored.

  3. Fiestar’s Jei next please! ❤

  4. How about Minah from Girl’s Day or Seolhyun from AOA?

    1. Both are worthy. Both will get their day.

  5. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    The last picture, do approve.

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