With Hyunyoung Teaser, Rainbow BLAXX is now Two for Two in Teasing Correctly

hyunyoung rainbow blaxx213123

After making the inevitable but correct decision to have Jaekyung kickoff the teasers for Rainbow BLAXX, Rainbow’s new “sexy and mature” sub-unit, DSP Media has proven that they may know what they’re doing this time around by revealing Hyunyoung as the second person of the four member group.

As with Jaekyung’s teaser, the video clip pans across Hyungyoung for a “whole body scan” as mentioned in the title. DSP Media stated,“Rainbow’s 4-member project subunit Rainbow BLAXX has been formed with a 19+ rated sexy concept. They will make a comeback towards the end of this month.” 

Again, the music sounds like the intro to a seventies porn (and I really hope that this isn’t the final beat if only because it sounds awfully cheesy) but it’s very hard, neigh impossible, to argue with the choices so far. First Jaekyung and now Hyunyoung? Yase please.

Wise deities, please bless Rainbow BLAXX.

Wise deities, please bless Rainbow BLAXX.

While the first two members chosen for Rainbow BLAXX were definitely the “no-brainers” of Rainbow for doing a sexy concept, the next two spots become a bit trickier. Woori? Jisook?

Hell, DSP could have just made it a duo of Jaekyung and Hyunyoung and they probably wouldn’t lose anything in terms of visual impact.

Look, a concept.

Look, a concept.

Time will tell if more is merrier or not. As for the song, who the hell knows (and does anyone really care?).



  1. To be honest, I’ve never considered her all that attractive, but that mole…. I want to get lost in her cleavage

    1. Very perceptive about dat mole.

  2. Hyunyoung is bringing out the a(D) game. Hoping it works, if not, they’ve got nothing to fall back on.
    Pray for the rainbow.

    1. Yes, bless Rainbow.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    I think she resembles Hyuna just a bit, so all good there. The swinging-her-ass gif from a few posts back is a classic display of sex-y.

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