Ailee Bests Hyorin on “Immortal Song 2” in Battle of Singing Very, Very Loudly

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In what is the dream battle for those that love the idea of K-Pop divas or for those that just want to blow out their speakers, Hyorin and Ailee faced off against each other and the results were pretty good and very loud.

One is known as Korea’s Beyonce and the other one made her first big waves in the K-Pop sphere by riding Bey’s jock so hard with “Halo”. Both have been labeled “divas”, presumably because the term diva has now been watered down so much that it essentially means “can sing boisterously for a long time and screw  subtlety”. And both sing K-Pop as well, so the showdown between the two of them seemed to be inevitable. And wouldn’t you know it, Ailee won because when it comes to singing loudly, no one does it as persistently or with as much conviction as the Jersey product:

SISTAR‘s Hyorin and Ailee, who are both known for their amazing voices, dueled it out on the competitive singing show. Ailee covered Shin Seung Hoon‘s ballad “You Who Shone Inside a Smile“, while Hyorin took on Kim Gun Mo‘s well-known hit “First Impression“.

Both their performances impressed the other singers in the waiting room as well as the audience, but Ailee took the win for the round with a score of 365 points.

Hyorin put on a better show but if the score was based on the ability to melt eardrums with volume, then there are few who can touch Ailee.

The Ailee World Domination Tour continues. Get behind it or be prepared to be blown away by the jet engines that power Ailee’s lungs.



  1. I love immortal song. If only the year-end show stages were a quarter as good as these :p Hyorin’s stage was so much fun and Ailee’s was fantastic. I was afraid Ailee would get pitchy toward the end but nope. Also, go Hyorin for keeping her full volume even with all the activity.

    1. Ailee was very composed and Hyorin is such a pro. Both are really good and hopefully the two will have a couple more opportunities to bring out the best in each other.

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Hyolyn definitely put on a better show, but this program is all about the singing. Ailee shows up with no choreo, no elaborate costume, no backup dancers, no nothing. Just her and her pipes and a few tears at the end and she takes the win.

    Speaking of which, what were those tears all about?

    1. No idea what the tears were about. Maybe owning too much takes a lot out of her?

      1. KoreasTina · ·

        Them tears wuz about all the shit she went thru last year. You know with that certain kpop blog claiming to have it ALL… Having all her endorsements cancelled etc. She sang it for her fans who all stood by her. Also kudos to her company for standing by her and being proactive about defending her.
        Also the ”competition” wasn’t really there if you watch the two women. They are such good friends that they just ended up eating and giggling throughout the rest of the show.
        What happened on stage stayed on stage, very professional.
        Ailee hwaiting, Hyorin hwaiting!
        Yellowslug saranghae <3<3<3

  3. If I recall correctly, Immortal Song is based on audience voting so the it can be quite subjective depending on the fans of the singer in the judging audience. That said, both put up very strong performances and each played to their respective strengths.

    1. Yeah, it was a smart decision by both.

  4. Those tears were what she felt i actually cried too hyorin was good but i fell for ailee’s performance

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