Clara Lee is the Most Searched Person on Naver for 2013, All Hail the Queen of Media Plays

clara lee first look

So, despite all of the teeth-gnashing and scorn she received for (gasp) LYING on variety shows, Clara Lee was the most popularly searched thing on the Korean internet for 2013. Keep on hating and hnnnnnggg-ing because it only makes Clara stronger.

Clara’s talents range from “being famous for being famous” to being an actress and model whose popularity far outstrips her resume. However, in a day and age where being internet famous is A Thing, can’t fault the girl for being ahead of the curve. Because if there is one thing that Clara is better than most at, it’s the media play and the girl has the entire internet wrapped around her finger:

Naver is the most popular search portal in Korea, holding over 70% of the market share. According to Naver’s ‘2013 Popular Searches’ released on December 26, Clara ranked in first place for all search terms, whether they took place on the computer or on mobile devices.  Quite a lot of people were looking her up on the internet!  She even took first place for the ‘Skyrocketing Increase in Rank’ in the computer rankings.

Considering that this post and this post are two of the most consistently popular ones on this site, can’t say that I’m surprised. The appeal of Clara is obvious and if the web has taught me one thing, it’s that the internet loves boobs beautiful and talented people.

10 out of 10 internets agree, more Clara is recommended.

10 out of 10 internets agree, more Clara is recommended.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I really don’t know a thing about this girl and I do not intend to look any further. But she is exceptionally hot, and sometimes that’s all that matters. Keep her coming.

    1. That is probably all you need to know about her to be honest.

  2. What is wrong with her bellybutton?

  3. I like Clara especially when she’s not trying to get between my OTP NaLiz.

    1. NaLiz is true and pure and Clara couldn’t wreck that if she tried.

  4. Her talents have worked hard this year. She has succeeded without even having to release a sex tape yet, unfortunately.

    1. Beat Kim K at her own game.

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