G-Dragon Tears the Crotch of His Pants at Psy’s Concert, Deemed too “Energetic”


While a Psy concert is certain to be a high energy event, given the fact that the headliner often looks like he’s on a drug made of his own manic essence, G-Dragon may have gotten a little too excited.

If you catch my drift.

Psy uploaded an amusing picture of himself with fellow YG member G-Dragon backstage at one of his Seoul concerts.

On December 26, Psy wrote, “Advanced guest, fighting spirit of ripped jeans,” suggesting G-Dragon may have been too energetic, causing himself to accidentally rip his pants.  Psy included a cute and comical picture in which G-Dragon looks like he is too embarrassed to face the camera as he hides his face and grimaces.

It is well known that one of the number one side effects of attending a Psy concert is a state of aroused excitement. In order to alleviate said tension, it is recommended to stand erect, like, say, a block of wood and do splits and somersaults to work off the throbbing stiffness that the anticipation of seeing a Magical Galloping K-Pop Entertainer is known to cause. G-Dragon now understands the power of Psy.

The destroyer of pants.

The destroyer of pants.


Either that or “fighting spirit” is code for “boner”.

Get some looser fitting pants GD, so that I never have to parse stuff like this ever again.


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  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I wonder how posh it is backstage at a PSY concert in Korea. I imagine goddesses from all of the girl groups hanging out, drinking, dancing, getting crazy, little bit of flirting with each other you know the good stuff. fanfics are killing me man. I’d bet it would be a good time.

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