MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL – Now Here’s Jessica Jung Covering “Miss Korea”



It’s Christmas, so go spend some time with your damn family or something you hooligan.

No Waifu Wednesday post today because its Christmas and that weirdly means that I somehow have less time than usual to write. Luckily, this needs few thoughts and even less words.

God bless Jessica Jung and Merry Christmas to all.

The best Christmas present a being could ask for

The best Christmas present a being could ask for.



  1. That rip-away dress deserves an award.

    1. Give her a Tony, an Oscar, an Emmy and a Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. TheeAverageJo · · Reply

    (-_-)… She has no ass.

  3. Nice to see Jessiqueen get some notice. LOVE that gif.
    Btw did you see Sunny doing Gains bloom? Sunshiners never had it this good.

    1. It is the highlight of Sunny’s SNSD career.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    Dude you are the most righteous…Even though I already saw it days ago, this is even better. She is here, forever on this blog in all of her glory! The gif, the still shot, the video! Fucking awesome Slug! That whole Marchen Fantasy was a real treat to those of us who care. Fancams show this performance really moved Taeyeon!

    1. Taengsic is real I tell you, it’s real (please be real).

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