A Yellow Slug Christmas Wish List for 2013

nine muses merry christmas Dear Fat Red Man in the Sky, I have been… a boy this year and here are the things that I would like to see happen on my Christmas list.

Now kisssssssssssss.

Now kisssssssssssss.

1. Miss a disbands and Suzy teams up with IU to form the Nation’s Little Twerking Team. The consequent netizen tears will then be distilled and the water will solve the world’s drought problems for the next fifty years.

It's a Christmas miracle.

It’s a Christmas miracle.

2. SNSD disbands to finally grow up. Tiffany and Taeyeon get gay married. Seohyun goes on to become the leader of the UN and disperses the world’s replenishing netizen tears to drought-ridden countries. Yoona pursues an acting career while Sunny gets a career in her true talent of variety. Sooyoung is confirmed to have been some sort of apparition that was never real in the first place and Hyoyeon moonwalks home on shoes made of money.



They get it.

They get it.

3. Nine Muses disbands and immediately pursue coordinated solo efforts. This ensures that there will be one Nine Muse every month, thus perpetually allowing the world to worship the glory of the Nine all year around.







4. Wang Fei Fei of the disbanded Miss a, Jessica Jung of the disbanded SNSD and Ryu Sera of the disbanded Nine Muses form their own trio. It will be called HNNNNGGGGG. Yellow Slug then ascends to heaven on the power of his own nose bleeds and feels. The world rejoices and the Rapture occurs as the real holy trinity is formed.

Thanks Fat Red Man in the Sky!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays y’all.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    5. For the Yellow Slug to look progressively more and more like his man crush of epic sexiness, the T.O.P. For he is secure in his masculinity and visage but T.O.P is superior to masculinity itself.

    1. Also this Fat Red Man. This.

  2. Holy crap, Jessica covered Miss Korea in a swimsuit??? Excuse me…

    1. Yes, do it. Best X-Mas present EVAAARRR.

      1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · ·

        Ima let you finish, but Sunny covering Bloom was the the bestest thing OF ALL TIME!!!

      2. [quote]..Sunny covering Bloom was the the bestest thing OF ALL TIME!!![/quote]
        Nice! Thanks for the lead.

        IMHO, Sunny and Yuri and the only 2 members that have the sex appeal (and curves) to pull something like this off.

      3. It has to be an indictment of SM Entertainment at some point that the best things that SNSD members have done this year is cover other people’s songs.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Hell yes it was.

  4. You naughty, naughty boy… wishing for the disintegration of 3 groups & 22 members to satisfy your lust for the (un)holy trinity of Wang Fei Fei, Jessica Jung & Ryu Sera.

    Leave Suzy, Yoona and Sunga for me, will yah? 😉

    1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

      An I’ll have Min, Sunny, and any of the leftover Muses.

      LET’S DO THIS!!

    2. Yes, I am. Let the world burn. You all may pick between the rest but Sera, Jessica and Fei R MIIIINNNNNNNEEEEEE.

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