Man Candy Mondays: Heechul

heechul 2013

Kim Heechul is a South Korean idol singer, actor and MC. He is best known for being the Final Fantasy character look-alike in K-Pop boy band Super Junior and Super Junior-T.

Like other members in Super Junior, Heechul was originally slated to be in another K-Pop group. After one project (“Four Seasons” which would also include Jaejoong and Yunho of TVXQ) failed to get off the ground, Heechul was shepherded into Super Junior, where he has the distinction of being one of the original members.

This is where I would normally spazz over the skills of said performer, but honestly in Super Junior it’s a bit hard to stand out when you’re splitting lines between seemingly half the Korean population. So, what stands out about Heechul is more what happened to him and how he responded than any signature talent. Heechul got into a bad car accident in 2006 where he fractured his leg in five places. Despite being advised to cease all activities for twelve weeks, he returned to work after a month and a half because K-Pop idols are mercilessly ridden into the ground like Chuck Norris jokes Heechul is badass like that. It was an impressive feat for a young man and one that deserves recognition (or condemnation if you’re looking at SM). Still, one can definitely say that Heechul lays it all on the line for his group, health be damned. He’s also a very pretty mofo, so there’s that.


Heechul is so cute that his gaze sweetens tea.

Look at dat heart. It's adorable.

Look at dat heart. It’s adorable.

Heechul is so talented that Batman consults him for detective work.

Also has Bruce Wayne's playboy shtick nailed.

Also has Bruce Wayne’s playboy shtick nailed.

Heechul is such a stud that no fractured leg is going to slow his roll.

Brb, gonna go do this army thang.

Brb, gonna go do this army thang.

Heechul is so pretty that the theory of sexuality being a continuum is entirely based on his existence.

Almost out Ga-Ining Ga-In.

Almost out Ga-Ining Ga-In.





  1. Sorry, didn’t leave an impression on me . Super Junior have been hit-and-miss in my K-pop world. Their songs was OK, some are great, some was meh (Don’t take it in the butt, if you know what i mean). Some member is pretty handsome, some was OK. So.. yeah, sorry.

    Request Man Candy Monday for Ken of VIXX , if you can. D.O would be nice too.

  2. I missed this! Late but Heechul is one of my faves!

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