Sohee Leaves JYP Entertainment, the Wonder Girls are Dead, Long Live the Wonder Girls

sohee wonder girls jyp

In news that would have been shocking in 2009 and now merely draws a “duh”, Sohee has indeed left JYP Entertainment in order to pursue a career in acting, presumably because being an actress has infinite more appeal than being the headliner of a dead-in-the-water K-Pop act.

The Wonder Girls’ meteoric rise and subsequent erasure from the K-Pop scene was swift and yet almost completely silent. If one had said that the Wonder Girls would be obsolete three years ago, they’d probably be greeted by skepticism. Now, this looks like the smartest move that Sohee could make.

Besides, why go through the daily nightmarish grind of being a K-Pop star when one can rack up the sweet monies doing the slightly more sane profession of acting. Per soompi:

Sohee is no longer represented by JYP Entertainment.

The Wonder Girls member’s contract expired on December 21, and it will not be renewed. After she expressed her wish to pursue acting, the agency decided to respect her choice and did not renew her contract. A representative commented, “Sohee is going through changes personally, and she is hoping to try something new and focus on acting. We had multiple discussions, but finally, we decided to respect her decision.”

As a result, Sohee is currently looking for a new agency that would support her acting career. She recently had a meeting with a leading entertainment company, and they are carefully discussing the matter. Thanks to her talent in music, acting, and even modeling, many agencies have shown their interest in having the star under their roof.

So, if any casting directors are looking for a perpetually high looking cherub for their female stoner buddy musical comedy, a perfect candidate just became available.



  1. I thought it was over when Sunye got married, but leave it to JYP to bow out gracefully

  2. I’m going to miss those chubby cheeks. Just hoping she doesn’t “become an actress” the way Hwayoung “became an actress”.

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