T.O.P Makes Rolling Stone Magazine’s Hottest Sex Symbols, Validates My Manliest Man Crush

top big bang

It should come to no surprise to anyone who appreciates a good pair of eyebrows, but T.O.P made Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 2013’s Hottest Sex Symbols. As if there was any doubt.

T.O.P will always have the distinction (Honor? Infamy?) of being this blog’s introductory Man Candy post and the reasons should be obvious. T.O.P has the rapping ability, the writing ability, the cock-sure smile and those eyebrows to make any man crush list. Looks like Rolling Stone agreed, per Soompi:

Rolling Stone magazine recently compiled their own list of 2013′s Hottest Sex Symbols, and Big Bang‘s very own T.O.P made it on the list! Their reason for choosing the handsome rapper-turned-actor was that he was “K-Pop’s answer to Justin Timberlake: a handsome, stylish, talented multi-threat.” They also cited his global collaborations with famous names in the global music industry such as Major Lazor and Pixie Lott as another major reason why he’s just hot stuff.

And unlike JT, T.O.P actually released a good single this year! (“Suit and Tie”? Yawn. “Mirrors” can generously be described as a “What Goes Around” retread. “TKO” plods along with all the joy of a death march. Hell, the entire 20/20 Experience tries way too hard to Timberlake being bigger than pop at the expense of actually making great pop music)

Now, T.O.P is branching out into acting and collaborating with pop musicians outside of Korea, thus doing the world a favor and allowing humanity to bear witness to his smexy self on a more regular basis. And those brows. Sigh, those brows.



Ok, that’s enough man crushing for the rest of the millennium.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I don’t have a gif library, but I think I wanna make one now. That is a sexy TOP.

  2. LONG LIVE T.O.P!!

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