Waifu Wednesday: Amber Liu

amber liu bike

Amber Josephine Liu is a Taiwanese American singer. She is best known for being the kickass best part of South Korean girl group f(x), where she plies her trade as rapper and all-around cool cat.

Confession time. First time I saw f(x), I thought Amber was a guy. Part of this was due to be inundated with so much conventional pretty. Truthfully, some of it was due to the fact that dudes in K-Pop can be unapologetically pretty as well. Equally truthfully, once I figured out that Amber was actually a girl and about the most interesting thing under SM Entertainment’s uniformly safe label, I was impressed. The girl rocked a swagger that was at once sweet and sharp. In a sea of interchangeably pretty faces, Amber stood out and she stood out well. It had even less to do with her looks than her ability to seem more accessible and approachable than her peers.

It was not surprising in the least, when at Mountain View for the Google concert, the ostensible home arena of Jessica and Krystal Jung, it was not the Jung sisters that drew the loudest cheers at Google’s K-Pop concert. It was Amber, who’s suggestion that everyone get together to party after the show drew the most deafening cheer of the night because everyone wanted to party with Amber. People wanted to take pictures of Krystal and Sulli, maybe grab a signature and bow and worship before the Alter of Jung. However, everyone wanted to share a drink with Amber and that is a critical difference that explains Amber’s appeal. Add her excellent demeanor to the fact that she marginally, at least somewhat, changes the K-Pop landscape in terms of what is deemed acceptably “pretty” and you have one of the best girls in a genre.


Amber is so cool that Hell feels a slight breeze in her presence.

Party like a rockstar.

Party like a rock star.

Amber is so talented that the universe ponders her miracles.

More boss than a CEO.

More boss than a CEO.

Amber is so attractive that traditional descriptors all work which effectively renders them all meaningless. She breaks language.

Ok, maybe SM Entertainment should let her wear a dress every now and then. Please.

Ok, maybe SM Entertainment should let her wear a dress every now and then. Please.

Amber is so adorable that she melts ice with a smile.

Rocking that holiday cardigan so good.

Rocking that holiday cardigan so good.


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  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I think the best thing about amber is these people are all the same person:

    You hit the nail on the head though. Most idols are hot. Amber is both good looking and approachable. She has that cool persona, and that, at the end of the day makes her a better bias than most.

    Also, even though Jae hee was really girly in the manga, I think Amber would have been a better cast for To the Beautiful you. She can actually fool people.

    1. Oooh, yeah she would have been an interesting choice for that role.

  2. Okay, i’m actually hate “SWAG” thing. but when it comes to Amber, her “SWAG” is just strangely attractive.

    1. Mmmhhmmmm, preach it.

  3. Amber is perfection. Love her, thanks for doing her as a Waifu Wednesday!!!!! ❤

    1. Haha, no problem. I’m a fan, so it’s easier.

  4. Buck nasty · · Reply

    All due respect bro, but after this one, you might as well do a Boram waifu Wednesday

      1. well, at least have a heart to do Ram waifu wednesday (Boram’s younger sister, currently in nearly-destroyed-but-h

  5. Always thought Amber much too masculine to be waifu-quality, but damn! That pic of her in a dress proves she is all woman.
    Also she seems to be friends with like all the chicks in kpop, jealous.
    BTW Hyoyeon, Amber, but no Boram? C’mon have a heart?

    1. she’s friends with all the guys too #winning

  6. LOve Amber. Her ‘approachabilty’ reminds me of Luna , except Amber is more interesting to me visually. Which is why I’m requesting a Luna Waifu Wednesday ;).

  7. Amber for me is like S.H.E.’s Ella, not so feminine but has a strong personality and good voice. (-.-)

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