Ailee to Make Some Sort of Comeback in January, Let Excitement Commence

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Ailee will have her first comeback since her nude pic clusterfuck at some point in January with some kind of concept.

Entertainment media outlets are the best.

Per allkpop (lawl):

On December 16, YMC Entertainment revealed that they’re planning Ailee‘s comeback for early January!

The agency told Xports News, “As we are still discussing things other than the comeback time, it is currently difficult to say what the new song or stage concept will be.” 

The interesting thing about this comeback is not how good the single will be (it’s Ailee. It’s going to probably be a fine R&B beat with just enough space to give Ailee too much room to indulge her penchant for going full volume for way too long like a true diva), nor how good the concept will be (it’s Ailee. HNG). The real interesting thing will be how well it does and how much her controversy will affect her popularity as a pop star. Reception to her immediately following allkpop’s self-immolation was uniformly positive, so the educated guess is that reception to her effort come January will be similar to past efforts at worst and even warmer than before at best. Regardless, it’s Ailee and the girl can flat out belt it, so I is excite. Bring on the living reminder of K-Pop’s greatest story of 2013.

Warms my cold, cold heart.




  1. black soshi · · Reply

    So glad that she seems to be doing just fine after all of this. More tracks like U&I and I will never leave her side. Freaking awesome!

    1. Yeah, yeah! More RnB goodness in my K-Popz please.

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