Man Candy Mondays: Lee Donghae


Lee Donghae is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, rapper songwriter, model and actor which basically means that he’s an idol who does all the idol-related things. He is best known for being the (here’s more titles, I swear idols are given more titles than off-brand British royalty) main dancer, vocalist and rapper of K-Pop super group Super Junior and its subgroup designed to grab all the sweet Chinese monies, Super Junior-M.

Props to Vai for the request.

Super Junior members tend to blur together after awhile. Siwon stands out because SM Entertainment makes sure he does, giving him more flattering lighting than a five star restaurant. Leeteuk is the leader, so people are kind of forced to know who he is. After that, your mileage may vary. What shouldn’t vary are opinions about Lee Donghae, one of the original members of Super Junior (the dude was originally in another group with Leeteuk as well). He can sing, he can dance and all that other stuff but he mainly stands out for being very, very good looking. And in the world of K-Pop, that can get you very, very far. It is a small wonder that SM Entertainment snatched Donghae up to be a trainee after he won Best Outward Appearance at the 3rd Annual SM Youth Best Contest (at least SM kept it real). It was a smart pickup too, because when you’re in a group of fifty billion members (rough estimate) you better stand out in a good way, and no one can say that Donghae does not stand out in a good way.


Donghae is so cute that puppies trade calendars of him for the new year.

Some drab office room just got a major upgrade.

Some drab office room just got a major upgrade.

Donghae is so talented that international men of mystery believe him to be more myth than man.

Packing more heat than an army.

Packing more heat than an army.

Donghae is so smooth that he doesn’t so much traverse through life as much as he glides through it.

A million fantasies: fulfilled.

A million fantasies: fulfilled.

Donghae is so bankable that he has keys to mints the world over.

Ain't no thang, yo.

Ain’t no thang, yo.

Donghae is so sexy that he is a one man drought for which the world is thirsty.

He even creates his own filter.

He even creates his own filter.





  1. another great Man Candy Monday, long time no see, though. For Waifu Wednesday, can i request Ashley of Ladies Code, or LeeSem of Nine Waifus — i mean Nine Muses ?

    1. Both will go in the queue haha. I would have never guessed that I would go through Nine Muses before SNSD, but at this rate it’s likely.

  2. He’s alright… All I care about in SuJu is Heechul… how can you have a man candy thread without Heechul!

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