Selca Sunday Brings Holiday Cheer Every Week


End of the week means way too much football, slight hangovers but most importantly, all the cute that the world can handle. Without further ado, here’s another edition of Selca Sunday, where the eternal question of why social media matters at all is answered: to showcase impossibly pretty people doing the most ordinary of things. Without further ado:

Hana, formerly Zinger, of SECRET:

Everything is correct.

The best winter themed t-shirt.

Dara of 2NE1:

Dara cosplays emo Carmen Sandiego.

Dara cosplays emo Carmen Sandiego.

Hyomin of T-ara:

hyomin selca doggies

The puppies stare on in horror as their lives are in the hands of a bully.

Hyosung of SECRET:

hyosung secret scrt selca

MOAR SECRET comebacks for MOAR of this please.

Jieun of SECRET:

jieun selca comeback i do i do

Sigh, SECRET comebacks are the best because reasons.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

kim jaekyung rainbow selca

Jaekyung’s twitter doubles as an arts and crafts tumblr for the insanely pretty.

Kyungri of Nine Muses:

kyungri nine muses derp

Kyungri’s derp face is literally The Best.

Sera of Nine Muses:

ryu sera nine muses selca red top

On the other hand, Sera’s selcas are literally The Best.

Suzy of Miss a:

suzy miss a selca hush hush

Check that, this is The Best.

Taeyeon of SNSD:

taeyeon seohyun selca sunday cookie monster

Fuck it, Taeyeon wins.

Until we selca it up again next week, have a good, few, fleeting hours of the weekend everyone.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Bookended with my favorite twins. The dream collection.

    1. I figured you’d like that.

  2. ALERT ! Secret Biased ! you are purposely didn’t do Sunhwa’s selca because if you did that. you will be bashed as Secret biased, right? Ha ! Can’t fool me !

    lolololol jk jk XD another great selca sunday, although i wonder where’s fei?

    1. Gotta keep people on their toes. Keep the Fei-th.

      I almost included a Sunhwa one too haha.

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