SISTAR’s Hyorin Gets Angry Over Comments on the Internet, Obviously Doesn’t Surf the Web Much


It is usually those who project a diva’s “I don’t care what you think” attitude who end up caring the most about what people think about them. SISTAR’s Hyorin is no exception.

News flash. The internet is a horrible place, filled with awful people who delight in causing misery to other people while hiding behind the comforts of the web. It’s entertaining and we love it so.

However, the delightful awfulness of the internet probably goes double for K-Pop stars who have to deal with some of the most easily insulted mouthbreathers on the planet, known as “netizens”. Trying to imagine how one’s career is tied to the whims of anonymous delusional tweens and trolls must drive one mad. It is an astoundingly stupid fact of life, but one K-Pop diva isn’t going to take this lying down.

Enter Hyorin.

The singer revealed that she often checked comments left on the internet in order to see her fans’ thoughts and responses. She said, “There turned out to be a lot of criticisms… Once in a while, I would get really angry because of malicious comments and even wanted to know who wrote those words.

She continued, “The person who wrote the comments may have done so easily, but those comments could really hurt someone and even cause someone to have plastic surgery.

That’s right netizens. If you don’t watch what you say, Hyorin will find out who you are, hunt you down and personally admonish you for writing malicious and hurtful…

Wait, Hyorin takes the time to read hateful comments and she’s willing to try and find out who wrote them? Maybe track them down? Maybe beat their heads in with those boxing gloves?


So, about Hyorin. She sure is not an unattractive girl with a not unamazing vocal ability and legs which definitely don’t make gods weep for their perfection. She also smells like doo doo.

A man can hope, right?



  1. [blockquote]The singer revealed that she often checked comments left on the internet in order to see her fans’ thoughts and responses. [/blockquote]
    That’s her problem right there… not everyone who leaves comments are a fan.

    Hyorin comes across as insecure about her looks. I remember a Sistar interview where everyone in the group agreed that Hyorin always takes the longest to get ready and apply her makeup. Hyorin defended herself by saying that she had to put in the most effort and time compared to the rest of the members.

  2. i know that every famous individuals have some antifun,but i just don’t get those who say alot of bad things about HYORIN while she sings coz she is a singer,she dances bcoz she can & performs greatly bcoz she is talented,…she is the best,gorgeous,sexy,hot,cute,sweet no 1 vocalist & beautifull, talented star i know… u r z best HYOLYN , just do it like u want 2 do it

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