Waifu Wednesday: Hyunyoung

hyunyoung cover

Cho Hyunyoung is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the maknae in lost opportunity K-Pop group Rainbow.

Hyunyoung is one of those K-Pop idols who, in another group (one which had an actual identity outside of “exists and is pretty”), could have been a standout star. Then again, the same could easily be said of Jaekyung and Woori. Being in Rainbow doesn’t really do anyone any favors, as the group’s name belies their somewhat bland singles and concepts. Nonetheless, there is nothing bland about Hyunyoung. The girl stands out in all the right ways. She can sing, and she can sashay with the best of them and her body should be envy of every living entity on Planet Earth. The girl is so right, that it should be wrong.


Hyunyoung is so sexy that she causes nosebleeds through invoking her name.

I don't even want context for this.

I don’t even want context for this.

Hyunyoung is so beautiful that the gods confuse Heaven and Earth when in her presence.

Wanna taste the Rainbow.

Wanna taste the Rainbow.

If Hyunyoung’s hotness could be measured in mass, it would suck the earth into its gravitational field.

Jeans are the best.

Jeans are the best.

Hyunyoung is so cute that bunnies shit themselves when compared to her.

This selca is better than every Rainbow concept shoot.

This selca is better than every Rainbow concept shoot.

If Hyunyoung was the Sun, I’d be blind and it’d be worth it.

Free Hyunyoung.

Free Hyunyoung.

Dictionaries, poets, computer algorithms and a thousand monkeys typing on typewriters forever could not adequately describe the appeal of Hyunyoung.

On the other hand, this gif sums it up nicely.

On the other hand, this gif sums it up nicely.


dayum dayum dayum


  1. shit, this is really dayum. all they need is just a breakout song then boom, they will be splashing the water of K-pop it can make a tsunami.

    1. Her, Jaekyung and Woori deserve so much better than Rainbow. Of course, they could just do “A” until the end of time and cause the destruction of the K-Pop world but nooooooooo.

      1. they should be doing “A” and “To Me” kind of song again . Sexy concept really,really, reaaaallyyy suits them. Sunshine is meh, Tell me Tell Me is one question’s of life of why their company pick that song to them.

  2. supersensualisticsl · · Reply

    ❤ ❤ ❤ I love this!!!

    Oh, a Waifu Wednesday request: Amber Liu :3

    1. Ew no.

  3. she’s hot!!
    omg i second the amber request

    1. I knew I would be doing an Amber one eventually. It will be different to say the least (love her, she rocks but it will require a little more thought I’m guessing).

      1. supersensualisticsl · ·

        yeah, I did think that it might be hard – she’s not really a “waifu”-type person, but you’ll come up with something, I know! 😀

  4. Holy crap, why haven’t I heard of her before? She’s ridiculously hot.

    1. Just watched a clip of her dancing, and she actually reminds me a lot of Hyuna with her darker hair.

    2. You probably haven’t heard of her before because Rainbow (which between her and Jaekyung, is a DAYUM shame).

      And I’ll just say it. With Nicole Jung potentially exiting the K-Pop world, Hyunyoung is next in line for best backside in K-Pop.

    3. Darn, I need to stop focusing on just JaeKyung (and her boobs) & Woori in their videos. IMO, Rainbow and one of the most under-rated K-Pop groups.

      1. There music is probably properly rated (it’s alright) but the group itself should get more attention for some of their stars.

    1. Holy fuck, God bless everyone indeed.

  5. Smoking hot, even in a loose T:

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