SNSD to Make Comeback Early Next Year, Sadly Not a “Mannish Concept”


There have been “rumors” of SNSD making a comeback sometime early next year because of course there were, it’s been a year since the last mandated SNSD release.

Sadly, while SM Entertainment confirmed that SNSD would comeback sometime in the first few months of 2014 (but please don’t ask for anything more specific than that), the label also shot down the intriguing rumor that SNSD would be doing a “mannish concept” which sparked interest because SNSD hasn’t done anything different in forever with their look (if there is such a thing as playing it safe with beauty, SNSD has it nailed). Darn.

Per allkpop:

An SM Entertainment rep told OSEN on the 7th, “Girls’ Generation are preparing with the goal of a comeback early next year. However, the exact date hasn’t been set yet. We will reveal more details as they come out.”

However, the agency denied the parts of the rumors about a masculine concept this time around for the girls. The rep mentioned, Although it is not a mannish concept, you will be able to see a new side of Girls’ Generation.”

The rep would go on to state that the label would revolutionize the group by having Jessica have her bang go in the opposite direction and give Sooyoung three lines instead of one and a half, causing half the SNSD fanbase to shit themselves before the rep quickly assured them that SNSD would probably just end up releasing another safe, perfectly cute concept set to a beat that will, this time, not cause one to wonder if SM accidentally broke music.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Frankly I am glad to hear this. There are more than enough “mannish” groups in Kpop already.

    And you can’t seriously tell me that thier look wasn’t quite a bit different from The Boys to IGAB.

    1. I mean, IGAB is neon colored, brat pack pretty, while “The Boys” was equestrian holy-fuck that’s amazing pretty, but SNSD has never tried to do anything that isn’t just variations on costuming “pretty”. Very pretty, mind you (Jessica Jung in “The Boys” is perfect) but it’s all very conservative.

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