Waifu Wednesday: Hyemi

nine muses glue hyemi

Pyo Hyemi is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She’s best known as a main vocalist in K-Pop supermodel group of impossibility Nine Muses.

Hyemi is vastly unappreciated. Nine Muses is a group where the vocal talents of a few (Hyemi, Sera and to a somewhat lesser extent Hyuna) are clearly better than the rest. While other groups with a cavalcade of members often deals with this by giving those more talented vocalists more lines than others, Nine Muses is much better about line distribution and so Hyemi’s talent is often lost in the sea of boobs, ass and legs that is the quintessential Nine Muses experience. But no more! Hyemi will have her time in the spotlight because she’s a talented singer and excellent performer and that’s what we care about around these parts.

She also happens to be incredibly hot. So, so hot.


Hyemi is so pretty that the Greek sculptors refuse to even attempt to recreate her image.

Want to eat off that stomach.

Want to eat off that stomach.

Hyemi is so talented that the angels above use her as inspiration.

Also, want to be that pen.

Also, want to be that pen.

Hyemi is so sexy that her breath is an aphrodisiac.

Alternatively, her cuteness causes heart attacks.

Alternatively, her cuteness causes heart attacks.

Hyemi is so perfect that circles are jealous of her curves.

Just, hng.

Just, hng.

Hyemi makes all sunsets look like shit-stains of Planet Earth by comparison.

That chair is the luckiest chair.

That chair is the luckiest chair.


jonah hill fangirl



  1. *Facepalm*

    Noo, not Hyemi lmao.

    1. Haha, not a fan? She’s probably my third… not wait fourth… no wait fifth (maybe) favorite member of Nine Muses. It’s so close after the first two.

      1. Out of curiosity, who’s your first two? I’m just beginning to appreciate 9MUSES (thanks to this blog) and Hyemi is one of the girls that appears attractive to me; beside Sera, Sungah & possibly Eunji.
        Hyemi might not have figures of some of the other girls but still manages to hold her own in this group of singing models, which is saying something.

      2. I tend to go Sera, then Kyungri, then it gets jumbled between Hyuna, Hyemi, Minha and Eunji though there’s obviously no wrong answer outside of anyone being number one but Sera.

  2. What do you want more from Hyemi? she is all-in-1 pack . Voice, Visual, Body. And Teeth. Dat rabbit teeth tho.

    also, where’s Glue review? i thought you like it šŸ˜®

    1. Agreed! The way she interacts with fans and always smiles.. Awwww so cute.
      I laughed at your comment about the teeth. To me it actually makes her even cuter! Hope she won’t fix that :3

      1. well, they (fans) didn’t titled her as the fake maknae for no reason. she is the most cutie one in 9muses, instead of Minha, the real Maknae.. I don’t say that Minha isn’t cute, but for me, she is more sexy innocent one in 9muses.

        hope she won’t fix that also. teeth is one of the instrumental of your voice, as far as i know. so change your teeth mean change your voice also.

    2. Her teeth are adorable. And the review is now up. It took a little while to clear my head to have something resembling coherence to say about it that wasn’t all primal grunts.

  3. I’ve always found Hyemi cute more than hot, tbh. Well her, and Minha pretty much exert the cute girl vibe of the group. Glad to be seeing more Namyu on WW!

    1. and Kyungri as the facesnatcher of the group. Damn, dat gurl can do thousand expression.

      1. Kyungri can do any face, but her derp face is the best.

  4. Just came across this BBC documentary ‘Nine Muses Of Star Empire’ while researching 9Muses (researching = surfing for photos). Judging from the trailer, this looks like a must-watch:

    1. Yup, that documentary video is worth watching, not only for NaMyu fans but also for K-pop fans in general šŸ™‚

      That was their hard times. Fortunately their company seem to treat them better now. The group has stabilised back to 9 members, they work very hard this year and start to gain popularity. This is their recent comment on that video šŸ™‚

      1. Just watched the abridged BBC documentary, it’s very well done. It’s hard not to feel and fall for Sera after watching the show. Very happy for her current success and recognition. Also wonderful to see that Hyemi is genuinely close to Sera.

        But wow, Euaerin (Hyemin) was an emotional train wreck and I did not expect Eunji to be such a bitch. Some of the earlier members (can’t remember whether it was Rana, Bini or both) really couldn’t hold a note, so their departure was good for the group.

  5. Keeping in spirit of the thread and since Hyemi is my favorite member, I’m going to go all out and complement your post with moar Hyemi videos! šŸ™‚

    Fan-made video for her birthday:

    Representative member of NaMyu:

    Hyemi fulfills her promise:

    Bickering maknaes:

    1. Thanks for sharing the Hyemi love. I think she looks better without the bangs šŸ™‚

    2. All pro-clicks. Every single one.

  6. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    Completely out of the blue! I was expecting Minha, Lee Sem or Sungah even – for the exact reasons you mentioned above. Due to the overabundance of hnnnggg in the group, she rarely gets any attention at all – compounded by her relatively low output of selcas (vs Sera & Hyuna).

    She is adorable and her aegyo segment on weekly idol cracks me up every time. Also, as mentioned above, her choice to forego any cosmetic dentistry lends an air of reality & natural charm to her looks.

    And boy can she sing. It is plain unfair that she looks the way she looks & is a good singer.

    1. Coincidentally, the plan was to do a Minha one first, because she’s freaking gorgeous, but I was in a “cute” mood so Hyemi it is.

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