Nine Muses Teaser for “Glue” is Gonna Leave Sticky Messes Everywhere


Come on, that was too easy.

For real though, it’s pretty hard to do the following wrong.

1. Take nine singing supermodels.

Life's cheat code: Unlocked.

Life’s cheat code: Unlocked.

2. Pretty much re-hash the “Wild” concept of “Just go out there and stretch and prowl like sex-starved kittens” but this time throw in some color, outside of red.


Actually, red is still pretty prominent.

Actually, red is still pretty prominent.

4. Set the song to an electronic dance beat straight out of a disco made out of sex.

5. Jack Miss a’s “Hush” look and somehow rock it to an even more fearsome level.

Also, have fun while doing so.

Also, have fun while doing so.




“Glue” debuts on December 4th, and it will be Nine Muses’ fourth single of the year, following “Dolls” (hhhhnnnngggg), “Wild” (HHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG) and “Gun” (hng…hnnnnggggg…hnnnggg). Judging by their track record so far this year, this is going to be another good one.


Ok, not pleather but I would be remiss if this wasn't in here somewhere.

Ok, not pleather but I would be remiss if this wasn’t in here somewhere.




    Eeeeeeeew. You got to give it 9 Muses. This is one group that unabashedly flaunts their sexuality.. and cleavages.

    You know, watching all of them lined up in the standard K Pop dance wedge formation just gave me a better for appreciation for Girls’ Generation. It’s damn hard to have 9 girls in a group and still allow each member an individual personality.
    If the ‘Glue’ video is going to be shot like ‘Wild’, I’m going to to have a hard time figuring out which body part belongs to who.

  2. You got to give it to 9 Muses

  3. Definitely gonna be checking this vid out.

  4. *Before MV teaser*: My body is ready for this!

    *After MV teaser*: I was not ready for THIS…

  5. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    Sera’s black hair is probably one of the greatest stylistic decisions ever made.
    Absolutely devastating.

    Also, I think most of their songs result in sticky messes everywhere…

    1. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

      The jacket photos…… Thats all i can coherently say

      1. The jacket photos shooting video..

  6. In my next life I want to come back as Sera. Jeezus!

  7. MV is out. Get ready to dig your graves.

    1. It’s a fashion shoot disguised as a music video. I can’t hear any music, my eyes are overwhelmed..

  8. To be honest, my eyes are underwhelmed…I guess part of me was hoping that the 25+ rating was actually true…

    1. What the hell is 25+ rating? Anal sex with a rhino? It was just a cheap marketing stunt.

      “According to the most recent press release sent out after the release of the MV, the agency reveals that the ’25 rating’ they mentioned was meant to serve as both an indicator of the girls’ sexy image and their sexy choreography, as well as the girls’ average age reaching 25.”

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