Happy Thanksgiving From Yellow Slug Reviews


Since today is all about giving thanks, here is a short list of K-Pop things to be thankful for this year. The list will be short and to the point because y’all should be spending time with people who constantly remind you why you choose to only see them once or twice a year to begin with.

1. Allkpop’s Juicy Story Blows Up In Their Face:

ailee kpop alll

It would seem that only in the world of K-Pop could an entertainment website “break” a story of a pop stars nude photos and somehow have the whole affair turn on them, but that is what allkpop managed to do with Ailee and her photographed boobies. Take sex, throw in a jilted boyfriend and add a media company which didn’t have the best of reputations to begin with and you got a story which somehow created more entertainment for people than nakie pics ever did.

2. Lim Kim’s “Goodbye 20”:

I didn’t get to do a review of this last week because sometimes life doesn’t cooperate with K-Pop releases. Needless to say, Lim Kim’s voice is more addicting than gravy on potatoes and this easy, breezy pop song has been on repeat all week.

3. Samantha Thavasa Jeans: 

The rainbow has never looked better.

The rainbow has never looked better.

Because good lord, did SNSD make the best walking advertisements for dem jeans.

For "posterity's" sake.

For “posterity’s” sake.

4. T-ara:

chris brown and tara n4

Proof that God exists and he has a twisted sense of humor.

Core Contents Media is the allkpop of entertainment companies and T-ara is their spirit animal. Over the course of the year, the group has debuted a sub-unit which “collaborated” in the most awkward of ways with Chris Brown, shed itself of one member who then may or may not have gone crazy, has kept another new member under wraps for reasons which are not particularly clear and still managed to release a pretty stellar single. T-ara is pretty much that old, wooden rollercoaster at the carnival that no one in their right mind would ride, but that everyone else watches in case a cart flies off the rails.

5. Wang Fei Fei:

Blessed be this Fei.

Blessed be this Fei.

“Hush” because it’s Wang Fei Fei.

Fei midriff is best midriff.

Fei midriff is best midriff.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



  1. I just came across ‘Goodbye 20’ literally last night and think that it’s great too (“don’t **** touch me” lol). Well, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving where I’m at, but I’m still thankful for:
    (i) the online software sales that I can still participate in (40% off Battlefield 4, yoohoo!), &
    (ii) for Yellow Slug Reviews. THANK YOU for the wonderful reviews, photos, gifs, selcas, K-Pop news and your wicked sense of humour. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Aw, thanks haha. Yeah, ran across “Goodbye 20” last week, but just couldn’t get the time to sit down and properly write something before the Great Hyorin Storm of 2013. Thanks for sharing in this little corner of the K-Pop blogosphere.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, slugs ! Hell, at first my bias in Miss A is Suzy ( until now ), but then your photos of Wang Fei Fei make me draw attention to her, and now i love her. like, forever.

    Anyway, did you see the 9muses glue mv teaser? good lord. that teaser is your everyday orgasm. and eargasm, by the way. And it is only the teaser ;_;

    1. I will slowly convert all to the ways of Fei, it is only a matter of time. Also, yes I have and good lawd, I may be dead already.

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