G-Dragon and Justin Bieber to Collaborate, Internet to Collapse In On Itself

20131011-054044beiber and gd

If the song is half as good as the egos of the two involved, then this could be the song of the decade.

You’re forgiven if your skeptical though.

Per allkpop:

During the artists press conference prior to the ‘2013 MAMA‘ in Hong Kong, the reporters asked, “When Justin Bieber recently came to Korea, you performed at his concert together and afterwards, we are aware that you spent time together. It was nice to see the two of you spending time together but do you have any thoughts of holding a concert in the States or making a debut there with Justin Bieber?”

G-Dragon shared, “I always have plans. Rather than a big project, at this time, I want to just do something in a way where it’s more like artists that connect well meet and enjoy things together. That way it’d be more comfortable and allow a fun song to be made.”  

And then he mentioned, “If I were to tell you one thing, it’d be that Justin Bieber has already completed the recording. It’s my turn now. You’ll probably be able to meet [this song] next year.” 

If there’s one thing that Bieber and G-Dragon share, outside of their commonly held belief that they are the second coming of Picasso, Mozart and Jesus combined, it’s that both are capable of producing some of the most acceptable, disposable, pleasant pop music of their day (backhanded compliment quota is now filled for the year).

Hopefully, each will be able to resist the urge to pat each other on the back too much while this is being produced, or we’ll be waiting a whole decade for the release.


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  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Why does this have to happen? If he goes near SNSD I’m on a plane.

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