Apparently, G-Dragon Stuffed the Ballot Box at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards


The results for the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards are in and the results are only somewhat surprising. Here’s the winners and running commentary in italics for those results that stand out for good and bad.

Results per

Best dance female solo : CL “The Baddest Female” – In this universe, Kahi doesn’t exist apparently. 
Best dance performance female group : SISTAR “Give It To Me” – Bora made glass tables the envy of the entire male population. Well earned.
Nissan Juke Best Music Video : G-Dragon – Nissan Juke Award brought to you by Adderall.
Discovery of the year : BaeChiGi
Best New Female Artist: Crayon Pop – I will have to eventually get around to listening to Crayon Pop. I accept it.
Best Asian Artist Singapore : Derrick Hoh
Best Asian Artist Vietnam : Thu Minh 
Best Asian Artist Singapore : Tor Saksit
Best Asian Artist Indonesia : SM + SH
Best Asian Artist Japan : Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – All hail the Queen of J-Pop batshit crazy!
Best Asian Artist China : Aron Kwok
Song of the year: Cho Young-Pil-Bounce
Best Dance Performance – Male Solo:  G-Dragon – “Crooked“ – I give up.
Best Female Vocal Performance: Ailee – “U&I” – Ailee’s World Domination Tour continues.
Style in Music Award: SISTAR – Considering that SISTAR has never looked anything less than chic, and they managed to avoid the whole late 80’s/early 90’s kitsch, give them a Nobel Peace Prize as well.
Next Generation Global Star : A Pink – I will also have to study up on A Pink, as “No No No” is quickly becoming my jam.
Worldwide Performer Award : Infinite – Meh.
International Favorite Artist: Ylvis
Artist of the year: G-Dragon – Oh, for fuck’s sake. If we’re talking solo artists, again, T.O.P and Seungri made better singles than GD this year, Lee Hi had two better songs, and my blood pressure is bothering me.
Best Dance Group Performance: SHINee – Sure.
Best Male Vocal Performance: Lee Seung Gi – No complaints.
Best Rap Performance: Dynamic Duo
Best Band Performance: Busker Busker
Best Female Group: Girls’ Generation – There was no way they were going to lose this one but SNSD has been dangerously riding on reputation alone for a couple of years now.
Best Male Group: Infinite – Sure.
Best Concert Performer: Lee Seung Chul
Best Female artist: Hyori – A strong comeback from an industry force needs some well-earned recognition.
Album of the year: EXO – Even G-Dragon cannot match the vote-rigging powers of EXO’s devoted fan base. The correct answer is Brown Eyed Girls’ Black Box by the way.




  1. For me,
    Best Dance SolocPerf(Male)-SEUNGRI and not GD coz the latter didn’t even danced
    Best Dance Solo Perf(Female)-SUNMI. I think she deserves thia award!
    Best New Female Artist-LEE HI. I was expecting that she would get this award.
    Best Dance Group Perf(Female)-SNSD. Their choreo was so much better and fun than Sistar.

    GD deserves the Artist of the year and Best Male Artist because of his relevance this year. Song releases, promotions, chart toppings, music shows weekly awards, solo concert.

    I’m happy for INFINITE. World Performer Act was based on their world tour [not just an Asian Tour] this year so they earned it! For Best male group, I thought it was either Shinee and EXO but when they got the award, I was surprised but super happy. They also deserved it! They had lots of accomplishments this year from their 2albums, sub-unit, tv shows, music shows weekly awards and tour. HAPPY ^^~

  2. you really should get around to listening to crayon pop, their song are jam-able, and Ellin is waifu-able.

    Anyway, i agreed that this award is no longer a pure talent award, but is like a “who-have-the-most-devoted-fans-win” award. some of the awards is acceptable, like ailee, busker busker, and sistar, (the new female artist should be given to ladies code, because hell they are so talented).

    Gotta go, fly to the new planet, join forces with aliens, destroy the whole ceremony awards, make a new pure one.

    1. I will commandeer the first alien excursion.

  3. Oh, I second the above comment. You definitely should listen to Crayon Pop. I thought they were a one-hit “Bar Bar Bar” wonder until I came across their earlier tracks (Dancing Queen, Saturday Night, Bing Bing), which I personally found much more enjoyable. It doesn’t hurt that the ladies themselves break your typical K-Pop girl band mold by being much older and incredibly dorky. Very pleased to see their win.

    And as for Waifu Ellin, I’ll just leave this here:

    1. OH SHI– that’s ellin? I know she’s hot from the beginning but what the hell is going on here? she’s definitely going on top my waifu list. Like, the first. she break my waifu list like a wrecking baaallllll

    2. O_O Must learn more.

      1. @yellowslugreviews – best blog post I’ve come across to get caught up with Crayon Pop:

        @ald98 – I know, right? Who would have thought _that_ was hiding under a helmet. But what makes Ellin adorable is how someone so pretty can also be so incredible dorky:

  4. Kahi wasn’t even nominated for Best Dance Female Solo >( but among the nominees, Sunmi should have won. GD didnt even dance in Crooked! I was so sure Jay Park was gonna win since he turned up too.

    You should definitely check out Crayon Pop. They are impossible to hate, and Bing Bing (remix) is kinda awesome. And yes, Ellin is waifu material. She’s gorgeous and hilarious.

  5. Just watched the telecast of this long award show. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand Korean but some of the awards seem somewhat superfluous and overlapping.
    By the 3rd time he got on stage to receive his award, G-Dragon looked genuinely embarrassed. I think even he knows he wasn’t that deserving.
    I don’t understand why a major K-pop award ceremony is help outside of South Korea, or how fan voting ( factors into the winners. I enjoyed the performance though. It was funny to see Sistar and A Pink jam to Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say?”.

  6. I’m not gonna lie, I’m confused how people are confused at CL winning with Baddest Female when the MV was like 85% dance if not 90. Everyone’s shitting themselves as if MAMA is YG biased when for fucks sake, EXO had a 11 to 12 minute performance and SM groups won plenty for the amount they released compared to YG…especially GDragon, releasing a new music video everytime we turn our heads.
    SISTAR won best dance female group since they’re now a pulling force in K-Pop and SNSD fans should be thankful enough they won best female group. Sure there wasn’t a huge dance in GITM but I think in the end, they’re in a larger relevancy at the time period than any other group nominated for best dance.

    Ready for the hate.

  7. I know this is late, but when you put ‘I give up’ next to G-Dragon winning Best Dance Award, that was my exact reaction. Some G-Dragon fans keep saying he deserved that award and I’m thinking, bitch please. He didn’t even dance during Crooked and the damn song doesn’t even HAVE a dance to begin with. I can’t even listen to the song because it makes me think about how Seungri was robbed of an award since Gotta Talk To U actually had a dance (a cool one at that), and then I get all pissed off.

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