Waifu Wednesday: Tiffany Hwang

tiffany hwang miyoung snsd

Stephanie Hwang, better known by her stage name Tiffany, is an American born South Korean singer, MC, model and actress. She is best known for being a member of K-Pop colossus group Girls’ Generation, where Tiffany plies her trade of being ferociously shipped by sones everywhere and stealing every little moment of a song that she can.

The thing about Tiffany is that she is probably the third or fourth best singer in SNSD, depending on how one feels about Seohyun and Jessica, but if graded on terms of enthusiasm, no one comes close to Tiffany. The girl has a love for the spotlight that is somehow more endearing than her trademark eye smile. In an environment where things like “improvisation” simply doesn’t exist, that doesn’t stop Tiffany from bending the rules of the world to her will. She will throw in some “uhs” and “yeahs” when she damn well feels like. She will also jack all the pink for herself and god help anyone that tries to stop her.


All hail the queen of eye smiles in her court of pink.


Tiffany is so pretty that harps play themselves when she walks into a room.

The best diva.

The best diva.

Tiffany’s smile is more legendary than Thor’s hammer.

Lights up a room like a flashbang.

Lights up a room like a flashbang.

Tiffany is so beautiful that she gets shipped with more K-Pop idols than there are fleets in the Navy.



Tiffany’s spotlight shines so brightly that people mistaken it for the heavenly gates.

Of course, perhaps it is not mistaken at all.

Of course, perhaps it is not mistaken at all.

Tiffany is so boss that Taeny and JeTi are both real.

Also, has a nickname which lends itself nicely to other good things.

Also, has a nickname which lends itself nicely to other good things.

Tiffany melts hearts likes swords cut butter.

Got me eye smilin' so hard.

Got me eye smilin’ so hard.


fangirling despicable me



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    So I have a request. I would like if you did a Waifu Wednesday for Hyoyeon sometime in the next few months. I think she’s pretty awesome, and deserves some well earned attention.

    1. I wasn’t expecting so much Hyoyeon requests haha.

      1. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        I’m a trendsetter I guess.

  2. Love tiffany!!
    omg but i seriously agree with the above comment, hyoyeon is so gorgeous and talented but does’t get nearly as much attention as she should. PLEASE

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    I will third that Hyoyeon nomination.Paparazzi video? Fuq. Eventually you have to have all of them, only three to go if I’m counting right. Tiffany is growing on me, even though the attention-starved personality can be a little grating I guess. But she is determined and beautiful and kinda sexy and I really dig that about her, although this TaeNy crap really annoys me. Taeyeon needs to get rid of her and go back home to Jessica. That is where true heaven must be. Anyways Tiff, you’re a lovely, talented young lady and I hope you get married and have tons of kids. Now get out the way.

    1. Is this Hyoyeon love a new phenomena? I am doling out the last of SNSD slowly, because I’m not sure which of the remaining three is better than the other two.

      Also, totally with you on the Taeyeon and Jessica shipping needing to be real again. Taengsic4lyfe.

  4. I will fourth the Hyoyeon comment! My 2nd bias 🙂

    SOOO happy you did a Tiffany Waifu Wednesday! I love her ❤

    1. She is Fany-tastic.

  5. I’m so thankful for her… I love all SNSD but, when I think of Tiffany’s backstory / background I feel sad and love her even more (since her Mom passed on =(

    She’s really special and precious… Did you know that Tiffany means “theophany / revelation of God”

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