Super Junior’s Shin Dong Gets Haircut, Either Thinks He’s Seven or Is Starring in 70’s Martial Arts Flick

Super Junior’s Shin Dong is a man known for his many talents. He is a good singer, a surprisingly deft dancer and one of the members of Super Junior who excels at humor and variety shows (arguably, he’s a better MC and host than he is an idol).

He can also be a surprisingly good looking guy when he wants to be (Shin Dong’s various looks oscillate more quickly than G-Dragon changes hair color), but his most current look… well it would be adorable on a boy from the nineties.

Just... no.

Just… no.

His face looks like an egg with a face drawn on it and a mop placed on top.

Moe Curly is getting ready to sue for copyright infringement from beyond the grave.

Sammo Hung thinks he’s about to get a biopic filmed about his life with Shin Dong playing the lead.



I mean, the dude can put himself together nicely, so there is no reason for this unless it’s to stealthily showcase his humorous variety skills on some reality-meta level.

How same person, mind asplode.

How same person, mind asplode.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    That’s not a smile, that’s him checking to see if he has a mustache.

    Totally agree with you. Haircut is no bueno.

  2. Along the many horror-like haircuts Shindong oppa had during these 8 years (won’t speak abt the Boys Over Flowers Gun Jun Pyo blondie one O.o) this one is definitely not something to disagree with, in an ELF point of view. I may be too biased (hell I am \o/) but: SHINDONG~~~~~~~ looks so cute! ><

  3. “…arguably, he’s a better MC and host than he is an idol…”

    Wow. That’s a bold statement.

  4. This man is clearly a genius trolling us all, cuz he can’t be serious right?

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