Waifu Wednesday: Yoo In Na

yoo in na cover better

Yoo In Na is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her supporting roles in High Kick Through the Roof, and Secret Garden and her leading role in Queen In-hyun’s Man. She also was a part of a real life K-Drama moment because acting in Korean dramas isn’t nearly as cool as living in one.

It takes a lot to divert attention away from Ha Ji Won, but heads turned, necks snapped, souls were slayed at the sight of Yoo In Na, a girl who shouldn’t exist outside of imaginary fantasies. She played the role of loyal, but cutely rambunctious best buddy to the tee in Secret Garden, and she did so without ever really being grating or immature. During her time as a lead character in Queen In-hyun’s Man, Ji Hyun-woo, the actor opposite her, made a surprise declaration during a fan meeting that he had fallen for Yoo In Na, surprising everyone including In Na, who after a little while agreed to date the dude. That’s right. A public confession of love worked. IN REAL LIFE. But when it comes to Yoo In Na, you can’t really blame the guy for going all in. If she were a person, and not a goddess sent from some K-Drama portal of sexiness, most folks would do the same.


Yoo In Na is so pretty that gods can’t comprehend her existence.

Everyone wants to be that stem.

Everyone wants to be that stem.

Yoo In Na causes heat to rise faster than a jet engine set to take off.

Getting drunk at the sight of her.

Getting drunk at the sight of her.

Yoo In Na could convince me that I could fly off a bridge with a smile.

Or dat dress.

Or dat dress.

Yoo In Na is so cute that puppies want to bring her home for Christmas.

My brain, it just can't.

My brain, it just can’t.


Yoo In Na is such a goddess that her autobiography will eventually surpass the other holy book in terms of influence.

Shirts = bad. Tank tops = good.

Shirts = bad. Tank tops = good.

Yoo In Na is so sexy that mathematicians kill themselves trying to come up with a way to numerically measure her “hng” factor.

What a wonderful world.

What a wonderful world.


j law perfectin



  1. Got to love how Ji Hyun Woo’s agency responded to his public declaration of love for Yoon In Na:
    “Ji Hyun Woo is completely immersed into his role, so this may be action he personally took unwittingly.”

    1. Haha that’s perfect. I want to work for that agency. Also, I’d go insane and try to will my drama into being reality if Yoo In Na was my co-lead.

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Nice! I have no interest in Korean dramas, so I had no idea who this was. Thanks for introducing her to us. She is indeed worthy.

    1. If you don’t watch K-Dramas, all I can tell you is that you’re missing out on some unbelievable hawtness.

  3. I don’t know what she is saying but I could listen to her talk all day. What a voice:

    1. Yeah, she could whisper sweet nothings into my ears forever.

  4. Yoo In Na is hot.

    1. ^ This post in its purest form.

  5. How is it possible for one being to be so perfect? I must have answers!

    I’m fairly new to the whole k-pop/k-drama etc. thing, so this is a good way to catch me up on all I’ve missed – I just have one question. Where is my Sunny Waifu Wednesday?

    1. You may be waiting a bit on Sunny haha. Unless this is a request. Then I’ll exercise my writing muscles of creativity (just not a big Sunshiner is the answer).

      1. nope, not a request – don’t feel pressured! I was just wondering ^_^

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