allkpop Releases Their Statement on Ailee Nude Photos; Basically Calls Ailee and YMC Entertainment Liars

ailee kpop

allkpop, after staying silent for most of the day as they probably were going through their legal options and how to best do damage control and/or clarify matters, released their own version of events that (surprise, surprise) contradict Ailee’s company YMC Entertainment’s release on the nude photos of Ailee being released.

Per allkpop:

Back in June 28, 2013 an individual claiming to be from Canada sent in a tip to us that he had a “set of Ailee Nude Scandal Pictures” and that he would sell them to us [allkpop] for the right offer.

ailee right offer

We responded to the email stating that we would prefer to talk over the phone. Over the phone conversation, this person stated that he would like to “sell us the photos” and “break the story”. At the time he stated he didn’t have access to Sports Seoul or Dispatch but he would be willing to contact them if we didn’t break the story. The person in question stated that he was a person acting as a middleman between the original owner and sent us a sample photo “for proof”. He wanted to meet at an undisclosed location where he would provide us all the photos in exchange of $3500 USD in Cash.

At this time, we stated that we were not interested, and this person said he would contact another agency.

As we had good relations with Ailee, we informed our contact at YMC Entertainment that someone had contacted us stating that they had nude photos of Ailee. We stated we saw it and it was most likely her, even sending the sample photo. We informed them that if they were to pursue legal action, we would be bound to provide the contact information of the informant. They replied that we were most likely making everything up and brushed it off. We were bewildered why they would brush this off, when we were offering assistance.

ailee allkpop

For Ailee’s sake, we stated to YMC that we would not write anything about this unless the photos were to end up being posted on the internet. We very clearly stated that if the photos were to show up online we would have to write the story as that is our job and duty as a news site.

On November 10, we received the following tip to a forum post on anonib:


The tip came from what we believe is the same informant that originally contacted us in June, as both IP addresses are from the same ISP in Toronto, Canada. At this point, the photos were on the internet and we made the decision to run the story, as it is our policy to report on the truth. For full disclosure, our employee, Daniel Lee did date Ailee in the past, however he did not post the photos in question. Not knowing who the true culprit was, YMC turned the blame to the easiest target. Common sense should also tell you that you do not send in nude photos for underwear modeling. Although Ailee is a victim, so is Daniel Lee, as false allegations were made by YMC, defaming our employee. In conclusion, we have saved all email correspondences from the individual who sent us the initial email. If legally requested by YMC, we will provide all information to the proper authorities, to ensure that the truth of the matter is revealed. We truly hope that YMC decides to run a full legal investigation, as it will reveal the whole truth of the situation.

The non-surprising part is that allkpop is denying any wrong doing here. Hell, they even get a dig in at Ailee herself, essentially calling her stupid for taking nude photos of herself and trusting them with other people in the first place (stay classy 6theory!).

The more surprising part is that they’re going to bat for the employee, Daniel Lee, and directly calling YMC liars in the process, even as there is no real motive for YMC to lie in their statement. YMC admitted to the photos, so what more do they have to gain by going after allkpop or an employee of the website? “Ailee betrayed by ex-boyfriend and scammed by creep” is plenty sympathetic already.

Also, for all of allkpop’s reasoning and levelheadedness in the release, their statement conveniently sidesteps actual evidence of this mysterious (other?) ex that they turned down and where the leak came from. The, “it was another person claiming to be an ex-boyfriend of Ailee” angle is so convenient that it is almost laughable when taken at face value. For all anyone knows, allkpop could have leaked the photos to themselves based on the evidence that they’ve provided so far.

So, on the one hand there is allkpop. On the other hand, there’s Ailee, YMC Entertainment and Dispatch (who saved the original conversation with the guy claiming to be Ailee’s ex). It is going to be a battle of they said/they said and it looks like this won’t end prettily for anyone involved (except, ironically enough, perhaps Ailee herself).



  1. The main issue as far as I’m concerned is whether or not AKP’s Daniel Lee is the ex that Ailee sent those pictures to.

    Whether or not some third party got a hold of them and tried to sell them to Dispatch is irrelevant to me. If he is the original source of these pics, then he is to blame.

    Of course, even if it turns out that the ex-boyfriend is some other random dude who is not affiliated with AKP, the site still deserves all the hate they are getting from K-pop stars and netizens for being scumbags and exploiting the issue at her expense.

    1. If allkpop were a legitimate entertainment news site, then of course they’d post a story on that (and why they waited until they saw the photos “leak” elsewhere online). However, considering that allkpop leverages its’ access to K-Pop stars, and seems to revel in any and all insider access that they can get, it definitely creates a huge conflict for them that often occurs when those who write stories become too close to the subjects they follow. Considering all the K-Pop stars who are unfollowing them now, this may be more damaging over the long run to the site than it was helpful for their short term traffic boost.

  2. 올케이팝:"정액 버릴 시간, 이거로!"

    Allkpop does have a shady past too so, I,m not surprised at all. There’s a petition being made to shut down AKP too:


    1. I’m mad at AKP just as much as any other person who is standing up for Ailee, but why does this have to always lead to a petition? We don’t need to petition every damn K-Pop scandal!! If your mad, then just stop going to their site!!

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