Miryo and Narsha Tease Their Sub-Unit M&N Correctly With Bunny Get-Ups


Since everything the Brown Eyed Girls touch turns to gold, like four impossibly sexy Midas’ with an obsessive compulsive desire to touch everything, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that Miryo and Narsha’s new sub-unit project, M&N, looks like it’s going to be really, really good.

Between the two of them, Miryo and Narsha can strut with the best of them, and the two new teasers for their single “Tonight” seems to confirm that the duo is getting ready to unload an atom bomb of hnnnngggg on the K-Pop world. Also, Jea is producing this shit, so it’s going to own. Per allkpop:

Brown Eyed Girls’ first sub-unit ‘M&N‘ continues to increase buzz surrounding their launch with the release of their third set of teasers!

The duo, consisting of members Miryo and Narsha, will set out to release their digital single with a song composed by fellow Brown Eyed Girls’ member JeA and co-written and helped produced by the duo.

And what better way to tease “Tonight” than having Narsha and Miryo dress up in bunny outfits? It’s patently unfair, like sneaking Stephen Hawking into an SAT math test, but if this overkill, kill away. I’ve died twenty times over already.

“Tonight” debuts on November 11th, so please have your will prepared before then.

Halloween forever plz.

Bless you Brown Eyed Girls. Bless you forever.


One comment

  1. i just wondering what if Hyuna 4minute, Narsha, and Gain make a collaboration project? it could be H & N & G. hng.

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