G-Dragon, CL, Diplo and Skrillex Rumored to be Making Thoughtful, Refined Ballad on the Intricacies of the Human Condition


Just kidding, this will probably be a garish, nonsensical nightmare of color, WUBWUBWUBWUB, sneering and seizures designed to induce heart attacks in anyone over the age of whenever people stop ingesting Monster Energy Drinks.

Per allkpop:

According to Canadian producer and director RoK, it appears SkrillexDiplo, G-Dragon, and CL may be all working together on some collaboration.

He had recently tweeted, “Collaboration with Skrillex Diplo GD and CL,” and revealed later, “I’m the video producer for the project.

This has not yet been confirmed, but if it is true, fans definitely have something to look forward to!  Stay tuned for more information.

Unlike the Psy and Steven Tyler collaboration which should produce a glam rock song of awesome vocal excess, a GD, CL, Skrillex and Diplo collaboration sounds like a parody of music itself.

Which is either the best or worst thing ever, depending on how one feels about a perfect hurricane of clusterfuck.



  1. > This has not yet been confirmed, but if it is true,
    If a Canadian producer/director doesn’t count as confirmation, then what does?
    Well, adding to the “rumors”:

    1. I am weirdly excited for this, just because I think it will stretch the definition of the difference between “noise” and “music” is.

  2. As I love this kind of clusterfuck I will wait with much anticipation. Also the title of this post made me giggle for a much longer time then I probably should have.

    1. Clusterfucks are the best. It is why T-ara brings the world such joy.

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