Waifu Wednesday: Moon Hyuna

hyuna cover nine muses

Moon Hyuna is a South Korean idol, singer and supermodel. She is best known for being a vocalist and somehow being a standout sexy component (in a group with an embarrassment of riches in that regard) in Nine Muses.

The only reason to feel bad for Moon Hyuna is that she shares a name with another Hyuna who is more famous and also eagerly chases the sex appeal demographic. Which is a shame because Moon Hyuna doesn’t need to try nearly as hard as the Trouble Maker to be stunningly alluring. This may not be that surprising, given that before turning to a career in Nine Muses, Hyuna was a Seoul Collection Model and the winner of the SBS Asia-Pacific Super Model Contest Daum Prize. The only mildly surprising thing is that in Nine Muses, where it would be easy to shuffle Hyuna into the background and only use her for close ups (ala Yoona in SNSD), Hyuna is also one of the more talented singers in the group who gets her own fair share of lines which she sings with a medium tenor that is pretty damn good. Pretty, hot and talented? On second thought, don’t need to feel bad for her at all.


Hyuna is so hot that the sun gets flustered in her presence.

Selca. A god damn selca is destroying everything in the brain.

Selca. A god damn selca is destroying everything in the brain.

Hyuna makes the the Seven Wonders of the World look basic.

Sweeter than melted sugar wrapped in maple syrup.

Sweeter than melted sugar wrapped in maple syrup.

Worshiping at the alter of Hyuna is like breathing in that it is impossible to not do without dying.

Who needs candy?

Who needs candy?

Hyuna is so sexy that her eyes cause more fainting than dehydration in a drought.

Long live "Wild".

Long live “Wild”.

Hyuna is so perfect, that if one said she was a figment of the imagination, it would be easier to believe than her actually existing on this plane of reality.

Yup, either she's not real or we're all dead and this is heaven.

Yup, either she’s not real or we’re all dead and this is heaven.





  1. The bunny outfit performance of gun – dead

    1. In the end, Nine Muses were the Halloween slayers of souls.

  2. Thanks God for sending an angel to dress up her hair to be long one-sided bang hair.Seriously, thanks God.

    But anyway, i agreed with your comments. HyunA is the only one in Nine Muses who naturally sexy without even trying (Kyungri is the second, SungAh is the third). Her voice is also one of the unique voice you can find on K-pop recently.

    1. Her voice is pretty unique and somehow adds even more reasons to pay attention to her.

  3. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    I was really keeping my fingers crossed for a 9M WW & boy am I not disappointed.

    Even without the great outfits and whatnot, she just exudes a sense of confidence & glamour which is rather… appealing.

    That she is also a great singer is the cherry on top.

    In the MV for Gun, she pretty much stole the show & that is pretty hard to do when you’re in 9M…

    1. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

      Oh and bonus points because iirc, she also speaks Japanese.

      1. rohaniyerdxb · ·

        This moment here kills me every single time –


      2. She can also speak some Chinese and I think she has a little bit of Engrish as well. There was also this one video where she also introduced herself in… whatever language the people in Abu Dhabi speak in. So yea, she is basically a language nut.

      3. All the more reason to worship her in any and all languages.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    The last gif in the white tee is righteous. As always Slug you have impeccable taste.

    1. Thanks. To be fair though, I could have just googled Moon Hyuna and had a labradoodle make all the picture selections and the results would have been near the same because Hyuna is that ridiculous.

  5. One of the most gorgeous idols I’ve ever laid eyes in Kpop and very talented as well, so she’s like a total package in one. Hyuna is the reason I ever got into Nine Muses. And because of that, from that day on I will forever worship the Moon Goddess.

  6. Such perfection. That nose and jawline is killer. And those delicious cherry lips. And her voice is like orgasmic. And something in the way she dances is so sexy. And she just exudes goddess vibes. And she speaks a gazillion languages (or tries to). And I heard she also plays the violin aside from piano and guitar and ukelele. And she looks like her mom that I think she’s (almost if not 100%) natural. And DAMN THOSE LEGS. And she’s such a cat lady. THOSE CATS ARE LUCKY. And her airport photos look like photoshoot photos. And are there even bad shots of her because even her derp face is gorgeous. And her red hair should be permanent. And the Wild MV boobies closeup. And her flirting in Gun made me wish I was the guy. And her cute high notes. And that finger-swirling motion in Ticket that probably hypnotized me. And that Figaro MV hairstyle that looks like poop on other idols looks good on her. And her cover videos that I listen to at night. And her wacko personality. And her experience in dating and number of male celebrity phone numbers on her phone. And that yummy belly and her belly button piercing. And those cute News and Ticket bangs. And her joining even Weibo recently. And her glowing selcas. And I could go on about this perfect person.

    I think I sound like a guy. O.o

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