Miss A’s Jia Solo Teaser for “Hush” Muddies the Waters Even Further In Whatever “Hush” is Supposed to Be


JYP Entertainment released the solo teaser image for Jia (which saves the best for last in Fei), and it adds further intrigue to the question of just what the concept is for miss A’s upcoming comeback, “Hush”.

The group teaser and Min’s teaser image seemed to portray a pretty straight forward sexy durrty leather concept. Those photos were a little dark and smokey, with Min staring off into the distance and offering viewers a hauntingly beautiful window into her cleavage soul.

Then Suzy’s teaser image was released and it was of a completely different tone. Heavy eye makeup aside, “Hush” went from looking like The Matrix meets noir to J-Horror show, with the “Hush” font coming through as almost cartoonish when juxtaposed with Suzy holding a lollipop while staring blankly ahead (rumor has it if you make eye contact with her, you die in seven days).

And now there’s Jia, who’s teaser doesn’t really look like it coheres with either Suzy’s or Min’s. Jia’s styling and outfit make her look like the boss of a sophisticated escort service (in the most complimentary way possible). The mannequin behind her makes her look like she’s scoping the mall for new recruits and her expression says she’s suitably unimpressed by what she sees. It’s slightly creepy, though nowhere near as creepy as Suzy’s, and even the lighting, color and backdrop are vastly different from the other two.

If there is a unifying concept for “Hush” so far, it’s that everything is slightly off and slightly creepy, and Min’s barely qualifies as either. All that’s left if for Fei’s teaser, which could be everything from Fei riding a gray rainbow of tears to Suzy holding a disembodied Fei head and neither would be that surprising at this point.


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