Waifu Wednesday: Kim Dasom

dasom sistar give it to me teaser

Kim Dasom is a South Krorean idol and singer. She is best known for being the maknae and the other, other girl in K-Pop group SISTAR (it works no matter who you think of first, by the way).

Dasom’s biography section on her wikipedia is hilariously emblematic of everything one needs to know about SISTAR’s maknae:

Dasom was born on May 6, 1993, in SeoulSouth Korea. She currently attends Anyang Arts School.

That’s it (yes, there’s more under career, but even that section is surprisingly sparse for a girl in one of the genre’s most popular groups). But it makes sense. After all, in SISTAR itself, Dasom is pretty much entirely filler, as if Starship Entertainment ran a focus group the night before they were set to unveil a trio and found that four member girl groups tested better and hurriedly snatched the first girl they found off the street to make the prescheduled release date. However, if that were the case, then Starship could have done a lot worse than Dasom. She may not sing much with Hyorin dominating everything and she doesn’t even get to rap thanks to Bora, but there is no denying Dasom’s stage presence (as in she’s ridiculously pretty and no one can turn away from that). In many ways, Dasom is perfectly representative of K-Pop’s flaws and its greatness:

On the one hand, doesn’t do much. On the other hand, hot ball of sexy.

And no, that part wasn’t cribbed from wikipedia.


Dasom is so pretty that her visage causes stone statues to cry tears of joy.

Could stop hearts with a blink.

Could stop hearts with a blink.

Dasom’s sexiness is so miraculous it solves for pi and cures the common cold.

May cause nose bleeds though.

May cause nose bleeds though.

Dasom is so beautiful that she is responsible for more whiplash than car wrecks.

That is a selca. Repeat. That is a selca.

That is a selca. Repeat. That is a selca.

Dasom is so pretty that her inclusion in K-Pop is more or less mandatory by the law of physics.

Dasom and Bora's legs are unfair.

Dasom and Bora’s legs are unfair.

Dasom could have be a computer algorithm designed to be the perfect K-Pop complementary idol and it would make way too much sense.



Dasom wipes more brains than Will Smith fighting aliens.

Peak humanity achieved.

Peak humanity achieved.


jumping fanboying



  1. Glad to see Dasom getting some love. I’m not a fan but poor Dasom often gets referred to as the example of an extraneous group member. She would probably have been more prominently featured in any other girl group, but then Sistar is not your average K-Pop group. No surprises that everyone’s eyes get drawn to Hyorin and Bora, and ears to Hyorin and Soyou. It also doesn’t help that Dasom comes across as introvert off-stage (Bora and Soyou dominate here).

    1. I think Dasom is pretty lucky to be in Sistar. It’s only a 4-member group and it’s super successful. If she were in any other group we might not even know her name.

      Even if she is “extraneous”, she’s arguably in the best extraneous position in K-pop right now. At the very least, she gets her share of the group activities and has scored endorsements and acting gigs.

      In the earliest Sistar music videos, she actually stood out to me as having the cutest face in the group. She and Bora also seem to be the most friendly and personable in the interviews that I’ve seen.

      1. I think ‘demure’ would be a more accurate description of Dasom. Bora is a force of nature on variety shows. I first noticed Dasom strangely enough on a dance practice video of Loving U when I hardly knew Sistar. I remember thinking that skinny girl’s a really good dancer 🙂
        So yes, absolutely better to be the lesser member of a super successful group with ‘only’ 4 members.

        The reason why Sistar needs Dasom http://i.minus.com/idZTJMNhVulzL.gif
        ‘cos only 3 pairs of legs will just not do!

      2. She holds my current title for Luckiest Girl In K-Pop for those very reasons.

    2. I think it’s rare for a group with only four members to have one who seems so… expendable haha. Although then I see SISTAR on stage and I’m all like “NEVER GET RID OF HER”

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