Wang Fei Fei and the Other Three to Comeback as Miss A on November 6th. Wang Fei Fei. Fei.


In the best K-Pop news of the year, JYP Entertainment has announced that Miss A will be making its comeback on November 6th, a whole year after their last all too brief comeback in “I Don’t Need a Man”.

I is pleased.

Per allkpop:

Miss A is set to make their comeback on November 6 with a song created by famous composer E-Tribe, who is known for works such as Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee,” Lee Hyori‘s “U-Go Girl,” and more.

On this day, miss A will release their second studio album ‘Hush‘ for their first comeback in a year since they promoted “I Don’t Need a Man” in 2012.

It appears JYP Entertainment had been starting a policy since last year that allowed their singers to promote not only J.Y. Park’s compositions but also other works as their title songs.

On the one hand, it’s nice that JYP himself has seemingly loosened up somewhat and maybe every single Miss A song won’t have to start off with a whisper of “JYP” which only manages to incept that man’s mug into the minds of listeners instead of Fei’s legs.

And yet on the other, I can’t say that I would prefer to hear a song produced by E-Tribe over one composed by JYP. Part of it is definitely “Better the devil you know” but part of it is also the fact that E-Tribe’s track record is decidedly… cute. Like sickly sweet cute. “Gee” is a plague on K-Pop which influenced the genre for far too long and “U-Go-Girl” may be the most regrettable thing that Lee Hyori has ever done. “Yayaya” is one of T-ara’s most irritating efforts, and Dal Shabet has failed to grab me in any meaningful way, of which E-Tribe is responsible for pretty much all their singles. Hopefully, E-Tribe is able to do Miss A justice in all of their sexy glory, but I’m not holding my breath.

On the other, other hand, Miss A coming back means the return of Wang Fei Fei and with that, the accompanying track could just be the sound of a wet fart for three minutes and it would still be the best thing since the last time that Fei deigned the world with her presence.

Moar plz.

Because Fei.

The feels. They cannot be managed.

The feels. They cannot be managed.


my body is ready



  1. I can’t say that I know a lot about E-tribe (or any other producers for that matter, regardless of location), but having doing a quick search, I found that of all that songs that I’m familiar with on the group’s wiki page are ones that I’m quite comfortable with.
    U-Go-Girl is actually the first track I ever heard from Lee Hyori and don’t find it cutesy until you get to the music video, which even then was minor and only served to boost the theme. (By the way, any clue on the source to that charming opening song to the MV?)
    Before hearing of Dal Shabet, Gee is the only track would considered sickly cute, a mode that worked out very well for SNSD. However, I understand your feelings towards the genre having read your review on “Galaxy Supernova” and the notion of images that won’t come to pass completely.
    Getting back to the point, I’m sure E-tribe will match the flavor with the feel and attitude Miss A has established which has been largely consistent. “It’s You” from Super Junior is what I have in mind to expect for the release; a resounding tone encasing a thorough rhythm.

    1. Cutesie may not be the exact right call for “U-Go-Girl”, maybe the word I was looking for is anti-septic? I just find a lot of what E-Tribe is responsible for sounds very sterile. However, if it is closer to “It’s You”, then I’ll be happy.

  2. “A song won’t have to start off with a whisper of “JYP” which only manages to incept that man’s mug into the minds of listeners”

    I’d always found it weird that the CEO of a recording agency would insert himself into not just songs but also music videos. I first noticed him in Wonder Girls ‘Nobody’ and thought he was a comedian. Kinda like the mum that insists on singing at her daughter’s wedding.

    But then he went and did ‘Someone Else’ with Ga-in and all was forgiven. Nice Jay-Z reference.

    1. Yeah, can’t knock the hustle, especially after “Someone Else”.

  3. wang fei fei,meng jia,lee minyoung,bae suji is the best
    Miss.a daebak,jjang,jjang girl

  4. wang fei fei,meng jia,lee minyoung,bae suji is the best
    Miss.a daebak,jjang,jjang girl

  5. Finally.

    I hope we also get an Orange Caramel comeback before the end of the year. That’s probably #1 on my wish list.

    1. OC over all huh? Is it Lizzy or Nana?

  6. Suzy and the are returning.
    ps never been a Fei Fei Fan but that gif makes a more compelling argument than words ever could.

    1. It is irrefutable.

  7. late in the evening here and not focused.
    What I meant to write was
    Suzy and the girls are returning.

    1. And the Fei-ception of miss A posts is working haha.

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