Man Candy Mondays: Jang Hyunseung


Jang Hyunseung is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. He is best known for being the lead vocalist of K-Pop group Beast (or B2ST) and of doing the vocal heavy lifting of the Hyuna promotional project Trouble Maker.

First time I saw and heard Hyunseung, I didn’t know or care for him or his group. It was at the Google K-Pop concert from last year, and SISTAR had just left the entire lawn in a leg infused coma of which I only awakened when KARA shook their butts onto stage. Somewhere in that haze was B2ST and Hyunseung, a group of which I didn’t even have an inkling of a motive to check out afterwards. Then, there was Trouble Maker and Hyunseung once again managed to avoid any interest here because Hyuna was too damn good at her sexy skills. It would take constant listens to the addictive whistling of “Trouble Maker” for Hyunseung’s talents to drill their way into my thick skull. The dude doesn’t deliver his vocals with a sledgehammer of authority so much as he does with a silky smoothness that is only matched by 50,000 count thread silk sheets of God’s milk. With the release of “Now“, it seemed like as good a time as any to acknowledge that. He may be a bit on the pretty boy side but when you sound like an angel, it’s all the more fitting.


Hyunseung is so cute that bears give plushes of him for their cribs.

Somehow, guy aegyo doesn't grate as much.

Somehow, guy aegyo doesn’t grate as much.

Hyunseung could sing Metallica and it would sound like a gently lullaby… of sex.

The gaze of a man who don't give two fuqs.

The gaze of a man who don’t give two fuqs.

Hyunseung is God’s chosen idol based on his voice and opportunities in life.

As evidence, Hyuna grinds that leg all the time.

As evidence, Hyuna grinds that leg all the time.

Hyunseung is so sexy that his voice is aural lube.

Welcome to the porcelain throne.

Welcome to the porcelain throne.

Hyunseung is so talented that he doesn’t wreck the curve so much as he’s in a different class.

Why so abs?

Why so abs?




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