Trouble Maker Issues More Teasers For ‘Now’, Hyuna to Cull Herds of Netizens with Cleavage

Trouble maker hyunseung hyuna now kiss already

Trouble Maker has released their video teaser for their upcoming single “Now” (formerly called “There Is No Tomorrow”), which looks like it will deliver on it’s promise of showing Hyuna being all Hyuna with her human prop, something called a Hyunseung.

The first single by Trouble Maker, entitled “Trouble Maker” was an addictive whistling dance pop track that most people remember for Hyuna and Hyunseung’s hands getting really comfortable with each other’s crotches. For those of you that loved that, and the wailing teeth-gnashing that followed, the good news is that “Now” looks to be a fitting encore performance:

Even the song seems like it’s going to be pretty damn good. Got some good (sexual) feels about this one.

Also, bless Hyuna for always doing the Right Thing and blasting the world with her sextastic assault on the senses. Judging by the teaser images below and that video snippet, Hyuna is not being shy about her wanting a piece of that (*wikipedia’s name again) Hyunseung and all the applause should go to Trouble Maker’s little trouble maker. She single-handedly helps push the Overton window of K-Pop sex in the right direction and the netizen shrieks of “UNNIR SO SLUTTY” are just the icing on the cake. Never change Hyuna.

Never, ever  change.

Never, ever change.

Also, teaser images tease effectively:

Doin the deed, Tommy Wiseau style.

Hump dat belly.

Huh, weird that the dancing extra would get his own shot.

Huh, weird that the dancing extra would get his own teaser shot.

Yeeessss, push dem legs apart.

Yeeesssss, spread dem legs gurl.

Look at those grins. Trouble Maker knows they gonna get all the rage boners.




  1. holy sh*t, even the teaser is so catchy as hell.

    1. Yeah no kidding. It looks like they have another legit single hit on their hands.

      1. they pay Shinsadong Tiger with Hyuna’s boobs for a super ultimate legit song. it worked.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Somehow I feel this will be pretty awesome, genius as that sounds. I feel as if I should cleanse my Hyuna mind with an ep of IY. Maybe a little ‘First’, some Bubble Pop, kind of work my way up to this. I hear there’s going to be a dirty version too. OMG…so incredibly outrageously feelsy. Who’s that dude?

    1. Hyuna is so ridiculously cute in IY. The guy is a dude in BEAST.

  3. Lollll, as much as I love your love for Hyuna, you’re being a bit unfair to Hyunseung. Yes, Hyuna is the only reason anyone cares about Troublemaker, but Hyunseung makes the song actually listenable. Nevermind that he looks like a little boy who has no idea how to handle his partner.

    1. Yeah, probably being unfair to Hyunseung. It’s a little funny that as much as he’s a non-factor in Trouble Maker performances (and all the hype and anti-hype that the duet gets), he’s really the backbone of the whole “we actually have to make tracks of music” thing.

      1. I feel Hyunseung was very aptly casted as the male half of Trouble Maker. Not only is he the lead vocal for BEAST–since singing isn’t exactly Hyuna’s forte–he’s dutifully fulfills his role of being a guy for Hyuna to gyrate against, with some moves of his own.

        Hyuna is sex on wheels and is the epitome of K-Pop. She sings, dances, raps, and kills it on variety shows like IY, showing that she has a personality to matches her stage persona.
        That wicked black dress of hers in this new Now video is going to do for her bobbies what those ridiculously short denim shorts did for her legs in Bubble Pop.

      2. Agreed on all counts.

        Hyuna is the coming queen of K-Pop and we will all be living in her world soon enough.

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