Trouble Maker to Return with ‘There is No Tomorrow’, Give Hyuna’s Bra All the Awards Already

trouble maker hyuna bra underwear

And if not the awards, the Nobel Peace Prize could be a nice consolation prize because it looks like Hyuna is not letting up as an encore to the fantastic ‘Trouble Maker’.

Per allkpop:

HyunA and Hyunseung are heating things up as they release a video teaser for their return as the duo Trouble Maker!

If there was any confusion about the concept, the new teaser makes it clear that the duo will continue to sport their sexy image and even turn it up a notch with a stunning preview picture that was revealed through it.

A text that reads “There Is No Tomorrow” also fills the screen, hinting that it might be the name of the title track.

‘There is No Tomorrow’ presumably refers to how Hyuna will slay mankind because this teaser image has already killed the thinking part of my brain. The amount of tears that this creates from its’ sex-tastic majesty and rage of prudes will bring about the second Flood and wipe out humanity and it will all be worth it for Hyuna’s everything.



  1. Darn, I misread the title and thought they were coming back tomorrow.
    That really is a fantastic bra.

    1. Haha, we’ll just have to be patient for the whole thing now.

  2. Ha ha… love your post title.
    Hyuna looks amazing here. Surprised it took Cube Entertainment so long to put these 2 together again, considering how successful their first collaboration was.

    1. Me too. “Trouble Maker” is a stupidly fun and addicting song and Hyuna getting all Hyuna makes it all the better.

  3. Time to finally comment on here. I’ve discovered this blog a few days ago and I’ve been busy reading every single article since then^^ and I gotta say I absolutely adore you & this blog^^
    Plus TM is like one of my favourite things in Kpop ever so this article seemed like a good oportunity!
    I cannot wait for the probably sexiest comeback of the year.

    1. Thanks! Enjoy your stay here Lily.

      Trouble Maker has some pretty stiff competition in the sexy department this year. Can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.

  4. Yeah so, saw the previous Hyuna teaser and was all “crack whore concept Hyuna looks trashy and am now praying for her soul” type thoughts. This latest one switched my mind. Am now bowing down to the crack whore concept.
    ps Hyuna needs a bra endorsement deal like Hyosung got, except targeted for the less blessed ladies.

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