SISTAR’s Hyorin to Get Solo Debut and Fulfill Ancient Prophecy of Becoming Korea’s Beyonce

hyorin ocean world sistar

In news which was about as inevitable as the tides rising, Starship Entertainment has finally announced that Hyorin will get a solo debut, presumably after realizing that the girl is the best asset that the label has outside of Bora’s legs.

They also presumably decided to wait until now after finally coming to the conclusion that they could not get Bora’s legs to sing at an acceptable level.

Per allkpop:

A rep from the agency stated:

“Hyorin is preparing her solo album. We haven’t set a release date yet. The details for the concept and song production are in the final stages. Even the label is really anticipating Hyorin’s album. As Hyorin has always gathered attention with her solo performances on radio and TV shows, we suspect that she’ll do well. Though she was a part of the SISTAR19 duo, this is the first time she’ll be releasing an album solo.”
Some sources are also reporting that Hyorin’s album is scheduled for a November release, but Starship Entertainment has made it clear that nothing’s set in stone.

Seeing as how Hyorin pretty much does everything in SISTAR already, from verse work, to dominating the choruses and hooks, to jacking some rapping bits from Bora, this is more or less the natural conclusion of things.

Somewhere, Dasom and Soyu are updating their resumes and researching about unemployment benefits.



  1. all hail thee HBC! Ailee better watch out! Man… that would be an epic sing off.

    1. People’s brains would melt through their ears… in the good way.

  2. Soyu could probably live off duets and collaborations if she’s careful. Her last two duets have been fairly successful. Dasom, I don’t even know anymore .

    1. Unless I’m watching a SISTAR video, I forget Dasom exists.

  3. Hyorin’s solo debut should be banned by Korean’s government. Her voice can pierce people’s soul and her body can make chocolate maniacs goes nut.

    1. It will be delicious, of that I have no doubt.

  4. Good news, good time. Queen Hyorin has it all: the looks, the talent, the boobaes.
    Only downside is i’m seeling sad for junior Queen Bora. Don’t care much for the other 2.

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